Why do children hate doing laundry?

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When I was young and childless, I always thought when I stood in my sister-in-law's bathroom: Heavens, they have a lot of laundry. At least one clothes horse was full, the washing machine ran often and usually another basket was already waiting for its fate. Back then she had a baby and a toddler at home and now I stand in my bathroom and think:

Oh dear ...

... how can you have so much laundry.
... if I get lost here, no one will ever find me.
... there are so many things I would rather do. And yes, tidying up the kitchen is still about doing laundry.
... can't I dress the children in neoprene and rinse them in the shower in the evening, clean for the next day?
... what would I do without our washing machine?

So today I am standing between the waiting baskets, the swaying full clothes horse and the rattling machine and I know why my sister-in-law had so much laundry. And as much as I'd like to give tips on how to produce less laundry as a family: I can't.

How does the laundry chaos get smaller when everyone messes up all the time?

The baby runs out at least once a day, preferably in a sling or in the car seat. Every day the child brings dirty changing things with them from kindergarten, because every day she wants to do everything by herself: cut, pour, prepare. Something always goes wrong, even if it's the neighbour's cup. Bed linen and sleeping bags have to be changed often, towels are used for a water fight and I don't have to mention the jackets and pants for romping outside. You know what I mean right? You're caught in the laundry chaos too, aren't you?

So now I'm in this endless loop, lost in the chaos and I suspect that I won't be able to get out anytime soon. Perhaps one of you is now calling out: when the children are older, when they are out of the house. But I vaguely remember my weekends when I was studying. With a laundry sack and book bag, I headed home, because why should I buy a washing machine when Mum has one? So I see no light at the end of the laundry tunnel and crawl on and on. Every now and then I find a lost sock and wonder where the second one is. In the meantime I only nod knowingly to my sister-in-law, because my naive childless question has been answered. By the way, she now has three children, I don't want to know how much more laundry a third child does.

In order not to sink even deeper into the laundry chaos, I need you!


Do you have any tips and tricks to produce less laundry? Do you have table-sized bibs, washable clothes, do you turn the clothes inside out the next day? How do you reduce the mountain of laundry and thus the chaos? And even if you don't have a tip for less laundry, maybe you can tell me how I can cope with this mountain!

Greetings from the tumble dryer
your Bella

This post was created in friendly cooperation with ao.de. Unfortunately, that doesn't change anything about the laundry chaos, but I wanted to get rid of it.