What is the best cure for anxiety

Natural remedies for fear: it doesn't always have to be the chemical club!

Fear is natural and works as a protective mechanism in threatening situations. However, if the feeling becomes a constant companion, then you should do something about it. Morbid anxiety has many faces: it can range from temporary feelings of fear of a certain situation to the ever-present feeling of nervousness to mental disorders such as panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder or social phobias. We'll show you some today natural remedies for anxietythat you can use to fight these feelings.

Please note that you if you have severe anxiety or depression also absolutely one Consider psychotherapy should. In our article “Depression during your studies” we have put together some information for you in this regard. Here you will find out how to recognize warning signals early on, how to avoid slipping into depression and where you can get help in an emergency. Don't be afraid to take advantage of them!

Natural remedies for fear: We'll tell you what's in plants like hemp, valerian, St. John's wort & Co.!

Hemp / CBD

CBD products are experiencing a real boom right now. Thus, the relaxing remedies should not be missing in this article. With providers such as BioBloom you get CBD oil, CBD natural cosmetics, hemp superfood and a lot more. The traditionalCrop planthemp is used in versatile products that your Wellbeing as well as yoursvitality andinner balance increase, transform.


Valerian can against Difficulty sleeping, anxiety, or nervousness help. The plant contains over a hundred components and its effect is based on synthetic, completely different active ingredients. Valerian causes a high concentration of GABA (gamma-amino-butter-acid) in the synaptic gap through an increased release of GABA and a simultaneous inhibition of reuptake. This dampens fear and tension. Valerian is available in different forms - as a tablet, tincture, or tea. Make sure to use a sufficient dosage when taking it.

Lemon balm

Melissa calms down nervous Difficulty falling asleep, stimulates the appetite and helps against psychosomatic complaints (Heart, gastrointestinal tract). In sleeping tea blends, lemon balm is often mixed with valerian, hops, passion flower or lavender.


Hops will help calm down Restlessness, fear and tension, as well as nervous sleep disorders applied. Only the cones of the female plants are used. The natural remedy for anxiety contains bitter substances that have a calming effect and kill bacteria. Hops are commercially available as a tea, tincture or dragee.


Lavender has only a weakly calming effect. As an aromatherapy, lavender oil is used to treat more nervous people Exhaustion and depressive moods applied. The natural remedy for anxiety can also be added to the bathing water, for example.

Orange blossom

Orange blossoms are considered a sedative in folk medicine, but their effect against anxiety disorders has not been proven. The flowers can be Difficulty sleeping, digestive problems, or nervousness help. They are mostly used in the form of an herbal tea.

Johannis herbs

St. John's wort acts as Mood enhancer - nerve stimuli like Anxiety, panic, or nervousness are shielded. St. John's wort has the great advantage that it is not addictive and is very well tolerated. Medicines made from the plant are also used to treat depression. In mild and moderate depression, St. John's wort extract works at least as well as a synthetic remedy. The herb makes you calmer, more relaxed and more resistant to that Everyday stress.

Passion flower herb

Passionflower helps against nervousness Restlessness, psychosomatic disorders, difficulty falling asleep and anxiety. Passiflora has a positive effect on nervous tension as a result of pressure to perform. The active ingredient passion flower dry extract is approved as a herbal medicine for the treatment of nervous restlessness.


Kava is for anxiety disorders proven the most effective herbal remedy. Kava is a drink made from the plant Piper methysticum (Rauschpfeffer). The use of kava to treat Anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia has been common in many cultures for centuries. There is great interest in kava because it has an anti-anxiety effect without impairing mental performance or fatigue.

Natural remedies against anxiety are not only a relief for you - for example in stressful life situations such as the exam period - but should also please your piggy bank. In fact, in most cases, they are far cheaper than synthetic means or even just to be found in the local herb garden. We wish you all the best and recommend our articles “Energy boosters for the exam marathon” and “Tips against stress during studies” for particularly turbulent times during your studies.