Is Coutinho a better substitute for Iniesta

A big reason why Coutinho's misery at Barcelona is NOT his fault

, Alexander Manov

  • Football statistics expert Mike L. Goodman recalls the fact that the Brazilian was signed to replace Iniesta.
  • The specialist emphasizes that there is no place in today's Blaugrana squad for the Andres-like midfielder.

In the winter of 2018, Philippe Coutinho moved from Liverpool to Barcelona to pay £ 105m, but if various regulations are complied with, this could rise to £ 142m.

However, in his 75 games for Blaugrana, the Brazilian has not yet achieved the performance he had in the Premier League.

So has Mike L. Goodman, editor-in-chief of the prestigious football statistics and data agency StatsBomb, explains why it would be unfair to blame the 26-year-old:

"Basically, Coutinho was bought for the Iniesta role and ended up on a team that couldn't afford to play an Iniesta role in midfield."

In fact, that claim is entirely in line with the opinion of Robert Fernandez - the man who brought the playmaker to the Camp Nou. The former sports director of the Catalans recently pointed out:

"I didn't sign him as a striker, we thought he was Iniesta's replacement."

Source: TheM_L_G @ Twitter