Growing LinkedIn

25 percent more sales at LinkedIn - engagement is also growing enormously

Microsoft's latest quarterly figures also shed light on the social career network LinkedIn. It becomes clear how fast the platform is growing. The development is worth cash for Microsoft, also because it is investing in China. However, it should also be of interest to advertisers.

LinkedIn with strong growth in engagement

Microsoft's quarterly figures could hardly have looked better. $ 13.2 billion in profit last quarter speaks for itself. Of course, LinkedIn was also named as one of the company's figureheads in the development information. Revenue grew by a whopping $ 371 million, or 25 percent. Again and again in the quarterly report it is mentioned that the expenditures also increase whether the investments in LinkedIn. But that has long paid off in terms of commitment. Because the LinkedIn sessions grew by 22 percent and, according to the report, again showed “record levels of engagement”.

In this context, one can also refer to statements by LinkedIn in a blog post from autumn 2018, in which it was already stated that the number of likes, comments and re-shares YoY had increased by 50 percent. LinkedIn now has over 610 million users worldwide. The US is understandably the strongest market with 159 million. But in addition to India (59 million) or Brazil (37 million), LinkedIn also has a very large user base in China (50 million).

But as Inkstone reports, LinkedIn has to bow to the Chinese government's censorship in order to operate the local network. Fengsuo Zhou, a human rights activist from China, criticized the company for this.

My LinkedIn account was blocked by LinkedIn in China, a day after my other social account was blocked in China.This is how censorship spread from Communist China to Silicon Valley in the age of globalization and digitalization.
How does LinkedIn get the order from Beijing?

- 周 锋 锁 Fengsuo Zhou (@ZhouFengSuo) January 3, 2019

However, LinkedIn and Microsoft benefit from this politically problematic decision. And the growth of the platform should attract advertisers in addition to users.

New algorithm should make the platform more diverse

One problem with LinkedIn in the context of the engagement was that a lot of actions were related to a few top users whose contributions had achieved particular relevance and visibility. With the new algorithm, the feed should become more personal and encourage interactions with users even more. The current claim should contribute to this:

People You Know, Talking About Things You Care About.

The increased engagement, the steadily growing number of users and the relatively unique business environment in the social media area make LinkedIn more and more interesting as a platform for advertisers. The platform is therefore increasingly relying on new solutions in the advertising sector. There are now monthly insights into successful advertising in the Ad Review format, while LinkedIn Research provides information on figures on the platform.

In addition, LinkedIn recently overhauled its Campaign Manager and equipped it with three new campaign goals. New targeting options such as Lookalike Audiences had already been rolled out in March.

The combination of a growing and, in particular, serious environment - with a user group that tends to be well-funded - and innovative marketing options should be of particular interest to various brands. Especially since LinkedIn is so globally relevant. And the more advertisers who opt for ads on the platform that want to leverage user engagement, the more sales Microsoft will be able to report in the next quarterly figures for LinkedIn. The cycle of a successful social medium. How this will affect the UX on LinkedIn itself in the long term is something that users should observe.