Why is Stephen Curry so hated

NBA: Shaq: Hated the game of Curry

Shaquille O'Neal has stated that Stephen Curry is his favorite player in the NBA at the moment, having hated the Warriors star's game at the start of his career.

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"I hated him early in his career," Shaq said on All the Smoke podcast, run by former NBA players Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes. "I always thought that he would not hit these throws, but he has always taught me better and that is why he is my favorite player," continued the "Diesel".

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O'Neal has recently been criticized more often because, in the opinion of many, he speaks too negatively about the new generation of players as a TV expert, especially his direct criticism in an interview with Donovan Mitchell caused a stir. Shaq himself sees his criticism more as motivation for the players.

"I like it when people disprove me, that's why I always tell youngsters: As soon as I say something, it shows me that I'm wrong." In the case of Curry, this has happened and Shaq underlined once again the great influence the Guard had on the game and the following generations.

"Steph is probably the most influential player there is right now. I always see these little guards, these kids at these tournaments and they do things that I could never do. I think it's a blessing and a curse at the same time."