How thick can bolt cutters cut

Bolt cutters: Pliers with assertiveness for the household

The bolt cutter is used where other cutting devices such as side cutters or combination pliers reach their limits. Here you can find out everything about the practical tool and its possible uses.

Bolt cutters: For robust materials

The bolt cutter consists of two long levers with two wedge-shaped cutting edges attached to the ends. The tool can now be purchased in a wide variety of sizes, so that there are both compact versions for domestic use and particularly large pliers. Bolt cutters are made of sturdy special steel. The handles are usually coated with plastic or rubber. You can change the cutting heads on modern specimens. The most important factor for the quality of a bolt cutter is the cutting performance, which can vary depending on the version and model.

Special bolt cutters, which are extremely powerful, are used in particular by the fire brigade or the technical relief organization. For example, the fire brigade often has hydraulic bolt cutters that make work easier.

Tool for cutting metal

You can "cut" metal with a bolt cutter. The tool belongs to the so-called bite-cutting pliers. It allows you to separate bolts, rivets, pins and wires, among other things. Thanks to the favorable leverage ratio, hard material can be cut with relatively little effort.

The bolt cutter belongs in the workshop of every advanced hobby do-it-yourselfer. You can get good bolt cutters from specialist retailers for as little as 50 euros. The price depends on the performance, quality and size. However, particularly high-quality tools may cost more than 70 euros, but will certainly last for several decades. You can purchase small compact cutters for as little as 20 euros.