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  • Save up to 80% on retail shipping rates
  • Get fast delivery in 2 to 5 days
  • We'll buy for you if your card isn't accepted.

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This is how Borderlinx works

  1. to buy

    When shopping on US, European or Asian websites, include your full Borderlinx address as your shipping address during checkout.

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  2. To ship?

    We will send you an email as soon as your order has been delivered to our export facility warehouse. Then log into Borderlinx.com and start shipping for free.

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  3. Enjoy yourself

    In about 2/5 working days you will receive your purchases at your home in Germany.

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  • Cheap rates

    We work around the clock to guarantee you the best shipping rates.

  • Reliable & fast

    Shorter shipping times mean more time for you to benefit from your new items.

  • Shopping assistant

    We will shop for you if your payment method is not accepted.

Why use Borderlinx to ship to Germany

  • Delivery duties paid

    All import taxes and customs duties are calculated and paid beforehand, so there are no hidden fees or unpleasant surprises upon delivery.

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  • Shipping cost calculator

    Estimate your shipping costs before buying. This enables you to estimate the cost of buying and shipping your package worldwide to your home address in Germany.

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  • Save up to 256 # 37; Shipping

    Our free repackaging service reduces the volume of your parcels and wraps them with better protection.

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  • Merging your orders

    Combine multiple orders under one tracking number so that all your packages are delivered together and you only have to pay the first kilo once.

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  • Concierge service

    The concierge solution allows you to shop on US, EU or Asian websites that do not accept your payment card.

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  • Borderlinx is the perfect way to buy multiple items off online shops if you live abroad, because you only pay shipping once. It is so great because they let you "buffer" items into one big order. So, you're not bound to just Amazon.

    Simon Altmeyer, Germany, 02/2016

  • Thanks to my Borderlinx address in the U.K., I am able to save money on multiple international shipments to my French address. I buy multiple times, then when everything has been delivered to Borderlinx U.K., I pay for only one consolidated package to be released. Smart!

    Julie Rosenblatt, France, 02/2016

  • The best thing about Borderlinx is the prompt delivery right to my office once my package arrives in the country. Also, I am able to order products that are not allowed from other similar services (e.g. liquid cosmetics, health supplements, food products). By law in my country, vitamins and supplements are usually sent from customs for government inspection, but through Borderlinx's relationship with DHL, it is easy to have them released within a couple of days. That's a service that wouldn't be possible without Borderlinx.

    Kathleen Ludwig, Qatar, 02/2016