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Fifth elevator.

First appearance.


Alphons. Antonio.

At your suggestion I went twice
To Tasso, I come from him.
I persuaded him, yes, I urged him;
But he does not deviate from his mind
And begs ardently that you bring him to Rome
Dismissed for a short time.

I am annoyed that I confess to you
And I'd rather tell you that it's me
Than I hide my annoyance and multiply it.
He wants to travel; well, I don't hold it:
He wants to get away, he wants to go to Rome; it be!
Except that Scipio Gonzaga doesn't
The wise Medicis, don't steal him!
That made Italy so great
That every neighbor quarrels with the other,
To own the better, to use.
A general without an army seems to me a prince,
Who does not gather talent around him.
And whoever does not hear the voice of poetry
Is a barbarian, he be who he is.
I found this one and chose
I am proud of him as my servant
And since I have already done so much for him,
So I would not like to lose him without hardship.

I'm embarrassed because I'm wearing it
Before you the guilt of what happened today;
I also want to confess my mistake
He remains to forgive your grace:
But if you could believe that I don't
Everything possible has been done to reconcile him,
So I would be quite inconsolable. O! speak
With a lovely look at me so that I can come back
Can take hold of me, may trust myself.

Antonio, no, just keep calm
I do not attribute it to you in any way;
I know the man's mind all too well
And know all too well what I've done
How much I spared him, how much I completely
Forget that I was actually thinking of him
To ask. Can do a lot
Man making himself lord, his meaning
Hardly conquered need and for a long time.

When others do much about the one;
So it is also cheap that the one again
Diligently ask yourself what is useful to others.
Who has formed his mind so much
Whoever gathers every science together
And every knowledge that we can grasp
It is allowed to control yourself
Not to be doubly guilty? And does he think about it?

We shouldn't just stay in peace!
If we think we are enjoying
An enemy to exercise our bravery,
Given to a friend to exercise patience.

Man's first duty to eat and drink
To choose because nature is so close
Not restricted like the animal, does it fulfill them?
And he doesn't let himself be like a child
Tear from everything that flatters the palate?
When does he mix water with his wine?
Spices, sweet things, strong drinks,
One by one he hastily loops
And then he laments his gloomy mind
His fiery blood, his too violent nature,
He scolds nature and skill.
How bitter and how foolish I have it
Do not often see a dispute with his doctor;
Almost laughable, would be ridiculous
What torments one person and what troubles others.
"I feel this evil," he says anxiously
And with annoyance: 'What do you praise your art?
"Get me well!"
So avoid this and that - "I can't do that" -
So take this drink - “Oh no! it tastes good
"Disgusting, he disgusts nature with me" -
So drink water - »Water? never more!
"I am as afraid of water as a bitter -"
You cannot be helped in this way - "And why?"
»Evil will always pile up with evils,
And if it can't kill you, only more
And torment you more every day - «Nice!
“What are you a doctor for? You know my evil
“You should know the means too, them
"Also make it palatable that I don't have to
"Who to be rid of suffering must suffer rightly."
You smile yourself and yet it is certain
You heard it from his mouth?

I've heard it often and often apologized.

It is certain, an immoderate life
How it gives us heavy, wild dreams
Lastly makes us dream in broad daylight.
What is his suspicion other than a dream?
Wherever he steps he believes his enemies are
Surround. Nobody can see his talent
Who does not envy him, no one envies him,
Who does not hate him and persecutes him bitterly.
He has often bothered you with complaints:
Broken locks, caught letters,
And poison and dagger! What all hovers in front of him!
You got it examined, examined
Did you find something? Hardly any appearance.
The protection of no prince makes him safe,
No friend's bosom can refresh him.
And do you want such peace and happiness
Do you want joy from him? to you promise?

You would be right, Antonio, if in him
I wanted to look for my next advantage!
It is indeed my advantage that I do not
The benefit g'rad 'and definitely expect.
Not everything serves us in the same way;
If you want to need a lot, use each one
In his way, he is well served.
The Medicis taught us that
The Popes themselves showed us that.
With what indulgence, what princely
These men bore patience and long-suffering
Many a great talent, that of their abundant grace
Seemed not to be needed and yet needed!

Who does not know, my lord? Life's toil
Teaches us to value the goods of life alone.
So young he has already achieved too much
Than that he could enjoy himself frugally.
Oh, he should first acquire what he is now
Is offered with open hands;
He exerted his strength manly,
And felt contented from step to step.
A poor nobleman already has the goal
Of his best wish when achieved him
A noble prince to his court comrade
Wants to choose and him of need
Withdraw with a gentle hand. He still gives him
Trust and favor ', and want to be by his side
Raise him before others, be it at war,
Be in business or in conversation;
So I thought the humble man could
Revere happiness with silent gratitude.
And Tasso has this on top of everything else
The young man's greatest happiness: that he does
Recognizes his fatherland and hopes in him.
O believe me, his moody discomfort
Rests on the broad cushion of his happiness.
He comes, dismiss him graciously, give him time
In Rome and in Naples, wherever he will,
To seek out what he is missing here,
And what he can only find here again.

Does he want to go back to Ferrara first?

He wishes to stay in Belriguardo.
The most necessary things he needs to travel
Does he want a friend to send him.

I am satisfied. My sister is leaving
Right back with her girlfriend, and riding
I'll be home before them.
You'll follow us soon when you've taken care of him.
Command the Castellan what is necessary,
That he can stay here at the castle
As long as he wants, as long as his friends
The luggage sent to him until we got him
The letters I send him to Rome
I am willing to give. He comes! Goodbye

Second appearance.

Alphons. Tasso.

Tasso with restraint.
The grace that you have shown me so often
Appear to me today in full light.
You have forgiven what is near you
I committed recklessly and outrageously
You have reconciled my adversary,
You want to allow me a time
Remove me from your side, want
Generously reserved your favor for me.
I now part with complete confidence
And I hope quietly that the small deadline should give me
Heal from everything that now oppresses me.
Let my spirit rise again
And on the way that I glad and bold,
Encouraged by your look, only entered
Make yourself worthy of your favor anew.

I wish you luck on your journey,
And hope that you are happy and completely healed
Will come back to us. You bring us then
Double the profit for every hour
You who are now withdrawing from us happily return.
I give you letters to my people
To friends you in Rome, and I wish very much
That you are mine everywhere
May I hold you as trusting as I do
As mythough distant, certainly consider.

You lavish grace on him, O prince,
Who feels unworthy, and to thank himself
Not able to do this at this moment.
Instead of thanking me, I will make a request!
My poem is most important to me.
I have done a lot and have made no effort
And do not spare any diligence, all that remains is
Too much to me still back. I want there
Where the spirit of great men still hovers
And floating effectively, that's where I want to go to school
To go again to myself; worthier
My song enjoyed your approval.
O give me back the leaves that I
Now just ashamed white in your hands.

You will not take from me that day
What you barely brought me that day?
Let between you and between your poem
To act as a mediator; beware
The lovely nature through strict diligence
To hurt who lives in your rhymes
And do not listen to advice from all sides!
The thousandfold thoughts of many
Different people who are different in life
And disagree in the opinion summarizes
The poet is clever and does not shy away from it
To displease some people, that some people
All the more please. But
I'm not saying that you don't go here and there
Should humbly need your file;
Promise yourself at the same time, in a short time
Will you get your poem copied?
It stays from your hand in my hands
So that I am only with my sisters
May please me right. You bring it
Perfect then back; we will
Enjoy the higher pleasure, and you
In some places only warn as friends.

I just repeat, ashamed, the request:
Let me have the copy in a hurry, all of it
Let my mind rest on this work.
Now it has to become what it can be.

I approve of the instinct that inspires you!
Yes, good Tasso, if it were possible
So you should only be for a short time
Enjoy the free world, dissipate yourself,
Improve your blood with a cure. to you
Then granted the beautiful harmony
The created senses, what you now
Search in vain in the gloomy zeal.

My prince, it seems; yes, i'm healthy
If I can surrender to my diligence
And so hard work makes me healthy again.
You have seen me for a long time, I am not well
In free opulence. I leave peace
At least calm. This mind is not
Determined by nature, unfortunately I feel it
Glad for the soft element of the days
To swim in the wide sea of ​​time.

You are guided by everything you think and do,
Deep inside yourself. It's all around us
Quite a few abysses that fate dug;
But here in our hearts is the deepest
And it is thrilling to plunge down.
I beg you, tear yourself away from yourself!
Man wins what the poet loses.

I stop this urge in vain
That changes day and night in my bosom.
If I am not supposed to muse or poetry,
So life is no longer life to me.
You forbid the silk worm to spin
If he's getting closer to death.
He develops the delicious tissue
From within, and does not let go,
Until he locked himself in his coffin.
Oh, a good God will give us one day
The fate of the enviable worm,
In the new Sonnenthal, the wings quickly
And joyfully unfold!

Alphons. Hear me!
You give so many double pleasure
Of life, I ask you to learn
Know the worth of the life that you still have
And have tenfold riches. Goodbye
The sooner you return to us
The more beautiful you will be welcome to us.

Third appearance.

Tasso alone.
So hold on, my heart, so it was right!
It's getting hard for you, it's the first time
That you can and can disguise yourself.
You heard that it was not his mind
Those weren't his words; it seemed to me
As if only Antonio's voice sounded again.
O just pay attention! You will now go away
Hear from all sides. Firm, just firm!
For a moment there is still to be done.
Who learns to pretend late in life
He has the appearance of honesty ahead,
It'll be fine, just practice with them.

After a break.

You triumph too soon, that's where she comes from!
The fair princess is coming! What a feeling!
She enters, it dissolves in my bosom
Annoyance and suspicion arise in pain

Fourth appearance.

Princess. Tasso.
Towards the end of the gigThe remaining.

You think to leave us or stay
Rather back in Belriguardo,
And then do you want to move away from us, Tasso?
I hope only for a short time.
Are you going to rome?

Tasso. I am directing my way
First there, and take my friends
Kindly open up as I may hope
So I lay there with care and patience
Maybe the final touch on my poem.
I find many men gathered there
The masters of all kinds are allowed to call themselves.
And speaks in that first city in the world
Doesn't every place not every stone to us?
How many thousands of silent teachers wave
In your solemn majesty, kindly to us!
If I am not finishing my poem then I can
I never finish it. Unfortunately, oh, I already feel
I will not be lucky in any company!
I will change it, never finish it.
I feel, I feel good, the great art,
Which nourishes everyone, which the healthy mind
Strengthened and refreshed, will destroy me
It will drive me away. I hurry away!
I want to go to Napel soon!

Princess. Dare you
The strict ban has not yet been lifted
Who met you at the same time as your father

You warned right, I've already considered it.
Disguised I'll go, poor skirt
I put on the pilgrim's or the shepherd's.
I sneak through the city where the movement
Who easily hides the thousands from the one.
I rush to the bank, find there
A boat with willing and good people,
With farmers who came to the market, now
Return home, people of Sorrento;
Because I have to hurry over to Sorrento.
My sister lives there, the one with me
My parents' joy in pain was.
In the ship I am silent and then I kick
Also in silence to the country, I go gently
Up the path, and at the gate I ask:
Where does Cornelia live? Show me!
Cornelia Sersale? Kindly indicates
I am crazy about the road, she
Denotes the house to me. So I keep climbing.
The children run alongside and look
The wild hair, the gloomy stranger.
So I come to the threshold. Is open
The door already, so I step into the house -

Look at, O Tasso, if it is possible
Know the danger you are in!
I take care of you; because otherwise I would tell you:
Is it noble to speak the way you speak?
Is it noble to think only of yourself
As if you didn't offend your friends' hearts?
Is it hidden from you as my brother thinks?
How do both sisters appreciate you?
Didn't you feel and recognize it?
Is everything then in a few moments
Changed? Tasso! If you want to divorce
So don't leave us pain and worry.

Tasso turns away.

How comforting it is to a friend who
Want to travel for a short time,
To give a small gift, just be it
A new coat, or a weapon!
You can't be given anything anymore because you throw
Reluctantly away everything you own.
The pilgrim shell and the black smock,
You choose the long staff and go
Willingly poor and take us away
What you could enjoy alone with us.

So don't you want to cast me out completely?
O sweet word, oh beautiful, dear consolation,
Represent me! Take me into your protection! -
Leave me here in Belriguardo, relocate
Me to Consandoli, wherever you want!
The prince has many a beautiful castle,
Many a garden that is open all year round
One waits and you hardly enter
Him a day, maybe just an hour.
Yes, choose the most distant you
Not going to visit in whole years
And who may now lie without a care
Send me there! Let me be yours there!
How do I want to look after your trees! The lemons
Cover with boards and bricks in autumn,
And keep it safe with the connected pipe!
There should be beautiful flowers in the beds
Put down the broad roots, pure and delicate
Should every corridor and every spot be.
And leave me worrying about the palace too!
I want to open the windows at the right time
That moisture does not harm the paintings;
The walls nicely decorated with stucco
I want to clean with a light frond
The screed should shine bright and clean,
No stone, no brick should move,
No grass should sprout out of a crack!

I find no advice in my bosom
And find no consolation for you and - - us.
My eye looks around to see if not a god
Would like to give us help? Would like me
Discover a healing herb, a potion,
Who would bring peace to your senses, peace to us.
The most faithful word that flows from the lip
The most beautiful remedy no longer works.
I have to let you go and leave you
My heart not you.

Tasso. Ye gods, is it she?
Who speaks to you and has mercy on you?
And could you fail to recognize the noble heart?
Was it possible that in her presence
The pettiness seized you and conquered you?
No, no, it's you! and now I am too.
O go on and give me every consolation
Hear from your mouth! Your advice
Do not withdraw from me! Say: what should I do?
So that your brother could forgive me
So that you might like to forgive me
So that you can come back to yours me
Count with joy. Tell me

It is very little what we ask of you;
And yet it seems to be too much.
You should kindly leave yourself to us.
We don't want anything from you that you are not
If only you please yourself with yourself first.
You make us happy when you have joy
And you only grieve us when you flee them;
And even if you make us impatient
It's just that we want to help you
And unfortunately! see that there is nothing to be done;
If you don't take your friend's hand yourself
Which, longingly stretched out, does not reach you.

It is you yourself, as you were for the first time
A holy angel, you came to meet me!
Forgive the dull gaze of mortals,
If he misunderstood you for a moment.
He knows you again! Entirely opens up
The soul just to adore you forever.
The heart is completely filled with tenderness -
It is she, she stands in front of me. What a feeling!
Is it aberration that draws me to you?
Is it Raserey? Is it a heightened sense
Who first grasps the highest, purest truth?
Yes it is the feeling that makes me alone
Can make you happy on this earth
That alone made me so miserable
If I resisted him and from the heart
Wanted to banish it. This passion
I thought to fight; argued and argued
With my deepest being, ruined cheeky
My own self, to which you belong so completely.

If I should hear you, Tasso, longer,
So moderate the heat that frightens me.

If the rim of the cup limits a wine,
Who foams and rushes overflowing?
With every word you increase my happiness
With every word your eye shines brighter.
I feel changed inside
I feel discharged from all hardship
Frey like a god, and I thank you for everything!
Unspeakable violence that rules me
Flows from your lips; yes you do
Myself all yours. Nothing is mine
From all of me to myself in the future.
My eye is clouded in happiness and light,
My mind wavers. My foot doesn't hold me anymore.
Irresistibly you draw me to you
And my heart invades you inexorably.
You won me over to you forever,
So accept my whole being.

He falls into her arms and hugs her tightly.

Princess pushing him away and hurrying away.

Leonoredie had been showing himself for a while, hurrying over.
What happened? Tasso! Tasso!

She goes after the princess.

Tasso is about to follow them.
O God!

Alphons who had been approaching Antonio for a while.
He's out of his mind, hold on to him.


Fifth appearance.

Tasso. Antonio.

O stand now as you always believe
That you are surrounded by enemies
An enemy with you, how would he triumph?
Miserable, I still hardly recover!
When something unexpected happens
When our eyes see something tremendous,
If our minds stand still for a while
We have nothing to compare this to.

Tasso after a long pause.
Just complete your office, I see it's you!
Yes, you deserve the princely trust;
Just finish your office and torture me,
Since the rod broke, I still go slowly
To death! Pull! Just pull the arrows
That I feel the barb grim,
Who tears me apart!
You are a dear tool of the tyrant,
Be the jailer, be the torturer,
How well! how peculiar to you are both!

Against the scene.

Yes, go on, tyrant! You could yourself
Do not pretend to the last, triumph!
You must have chained the slave, you have
Probably saved him from imaginary torments:
Just go, I hate you, I feel whole
The disgust caused by superiority,
Who seizes wickedly and unjustly.

After a break.

So in the end I see myself banished
Cast out and banished here as a beggar?
This is how they wreathed me, adorned me
To be brought to the altar as a sacrificial animal!
So they lured me on the last day
My only property, my poem to me
With smooth words off, and held it tight!
My only good is now in your hands
That would have recommended me in any place:
That left me from hunger to save me!
Now I can see why I should celebrate.
It's conspiracy and you are the main one.
So that my song just doesn't get more perfect,
That only my name should not be spread any more,
That my envious people find a thousand weaknesses
That at the end of me one even forgets;
So I should get used to idleness,
So I should take care of myself and my senses.
O dear friendship, dear care!
I thought the conspiracy was hideous,
That invisibly and restlessly embraced me
But it has become more hideous.

And you, siren! you make me so tender
So heavenly lured, I see now
You all at once! Oh God, why so late?

But we ourselves love to deceive
And honor the rejected who honor us.
People don't know each other;
Only the gallery slaves know each other
Who pant forged close to a bench;
Where nobody has anything to ask for and nobody
What has to lose, they know each other!
Where everyone pretends to be a rascal
And also takes his like for rascals.
But we only politely misjudge the others,
So that they should misunderstand us again.

How long did your holy image hide from me
The wooer who practices small arts.
The mask falls, I see Armiden now
Stripped of all riding - yes, it's you!
I sang my song of you with caution!

And the mischievous little midwife!
How deeply humiliated I see her before me!
I now hear the soft footsteps rustling,
I now know the circle around which she crept.
I know you all! Be that enough for me!
And when misery has robbed me of everything
That's how I praise it; the truth teaches me.

I listen to you, Tasso, with astonishment,
As much as I know how easy your quick mind is
Wavers from one boundary to the other.
Remember! Get rid of this rage!
You blaspheme, you allow yourself word for word,
That your pain is to be forgiven
But that you can never forgive yourself.

O don't speak to me with a gentle lip
Do not let me hear a wise word from you
Leave me dull happiness so that I don't
First think about it, then get out of my mind.
I feel the innermost bone
Shattered and I live to feel it.
Despair seizes me with rage,
And in the agony that destroys me
Annoyance becomes just a soft sound of pain.
I want to get away! And if you are honest
So show me and let me go straight away.

I will not leave you in this trouble;
And if you completely lose your composure,
So I should certainly not lack patience.

So do I have to give myself up to you?
I surrender and so it is done;
I do not resist, I feel good -
And then let me repeat it painfully
How nice it was what I gave myself away.
They go away - O God! I can already see there
The dust that rises from the wagons -
The riders are ahead - there they ride,
There they go! Wasn't that where I came from?
They are gone, they are angry with me.
Oh, I only kiss his hand one more time!
Oh that I could only say goodbye!
Just one more time to say: O pardon!
Only to be heard: Go, you are forgiven!
But I don't hear it, I never hear it -
I want to go! Just let me say goodbye
Just say goodbye! Give, just give me
For a moment the present
Back! Maybe I'll get better. No,
I am outcast, I am banned, I have
Banished myself, I'll be that voice
No longer hear this look,
Don't meet again -

Let a man's voice remind you
Who stands next to you not without emotion!
You are not as miserable as you think you are.
Master yourself! You give in to yourself too much.

And am I as miserable as I seem?
Am I as weak as I show myself to you
Is everything lost then? Does the pain
As if the ground were shaking the building
Turned into a horrific pile of rubble?
There is no talent left, a thousand fold
To disperse me, to support me?
Has gone all strength that would otherwise
Stirred in my bosom? Am I nothing
Became nothing at all?
No, everything is there and I am nothing;
I have strayed from myself, it is me!

And when you seem to be completely lost
Compare yourself! Know what you are

Yes, you will remind me in due time! -
Doesn't an example of the story help anymore?
If no noble man stands in front of my eyes,
Who suffered more than I ever suffered;
So that I can compare myself with him?
No, everything is gone! - Only one thing remains:
Nature has given us tears,
The cry of pain when the man lasts
It no longer wears - and me still about everything -
In pain she left me melody and speech,
To lament the deepest abundance of my distress:
And when man falls silent in his torment,
Gave me a god to tell how I suffer

Antoniot steps up to him and takes him by the hand.

O noble man! You stand firm and still
I only shine the storm-moving wave.
Just think about it, and don't pretend
Your strength! The mighty nature,
Who founded this rock also has
The wave is given mobility.
It sends its storm, the wave flees
And sways and swells and bends over, foaming.
In this wave reflected so beautifully
The sun settled down, the stars rested
On this breast that moved tenderly.
The shine has disappeared, the calm escapes.
I don't know myself in danger anymore
And am no longer ashamed to confess it.
The steering wheel is broken and there is a crash
The ship on all sides. Bursting
The ground under my feet!
I will touch you with both arms!
So the skipper is finally still clinging
Stuck to the rock on which he should fail.

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