Love addiction is a disease

40 self-diagnosis questions


The following questions are intended as guidelines for identifying possible signs of sex and love addiction. They are not intended as a surefire way of making a diagnosis, nor can negative answers to these questions be an absolute guarantee that the disease is not present. Many sex and love addicts show very different patterns from which they approach and answer the questions very differently. Notwithstanding this fact, we have found that short, specific questions are often just as effective a tool in self-diagnosis as long explanations of what sex and love addiction is. We understand that diagnosing sex and love addiction is a very serious and very personal matter. We hope you find these questions helpful.

What can you do?

If reading these questions has brought before you the fact that your sexual activity, romance behavior, or emotional relationships are indeed suspect, what then?

Above all else, be assured that you are not alone - that many of us have lived the addiction patterns that are characterized by these questions and that we have found recovery through Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous. If S.L.A.A. meetings are held regularly in your area, your presence at these meetings will also bring you into contact with sex and love addicts who are already on the way to recovery.

You can find more information about S.L.A.A. meetings in the Meetings section.

Original English text of the "40 Questions for Self Diagnosis" on the American website of S.L.A.A.