Do unreasonable people enjoy being unreasonable

Reason: The insight to be unreasonable from time to time

What is reason? Some find them cerebral, heartless, boring. Much too rational. Others see it as a sign of intelligence, analytical strength and the ability not to be impulsive but to be able to act deliberately. The victory of the mind over the feelings ... You already notice: The spectrum is wide and the evaluation, well, a colorful rational-emotional mixture. But is that Is reason really always a good advisor? Or is it sometimes more sensible to be unreasonable at times? We try to approach with a clear, sober and level-headed look ...

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Definition: what is reason?

According to definition Reason is the "mental ability to perceive one's environment, to recognize connections, to draw conclusions, to form judgments and to derive rational decisions for one's own actions and behavior." Sounds reasonable. And can be extremely helpful when making important decisions.

But reason can also tie a tight corset. This can already be seen in the Synonyms for reason:

  • Common sense
  • Prudence
  • Mental power
  • Sense of reality
  • sobriety
  • realism
  • objectivity
  • rationality

There is little room for maneuver Feelings, beliefs, passion and spontaneity.

Those who act sensibly use figures, data and facts, make use of past experience, derive logical and clear conclusions from them, and not least of all can do so Control spontaneous impulses and desires. He or she doesn't necessarily have to be happier because of it.

Reason says: “Impossible!”. The heart whispers: "Try anyway!"

How many dreams came true because people didn't care about theirs healthy Heard common sense but followed your heart? In the love just like at work.

Reason may provide Clarity in the head. It does not guarantee the right decision. The sensible can err and fail just like the unreasonable.

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What does that mean: Now be sensible !?

As positive as understanding and reason are (after all, they distinguish us humans from plants and animals): The prompt "Now be sensible!" always sounds like one accusation.

Anyone who hears this obviously thinks or acts unreasonably. And that implies a weakness or that someone is wrong as well has not considered possible consequences.

But is that also true?

Such appeals, for example, like to come from parentswho worry that the children are not caring enough about the future, are choosing the wrong job, or wasting their time doing wrong things.

Anyone who calls on others to act sensibly is also raising the claimto know what is right or wrong. But is what your friends, family, or co-workers think is reasonable, too for her reasonable?

A rhetorical question, admittedly. Of course it isn't. Every life is different. And in retrospect, some impressive careers were not linear, but rather resembled a confused zigzag line.

You may know that amusing saying from a fictional interview:

"You have a gap in your résumé!"

"Yes, it was great."

The Perception of reason is individual. What turns out to be irresponsible and completely unreasonable for one, may be just right for others at the moment. And feels reasonable.

However, these different views of reason can lead to heated discussions and conflicts. But that also makes it difficult to get someone reasonable To give advice. What is reasonable is in the eye of the recipient, not the sender.

Sayings and quotes for reason

  • Man is many. But he's not sensible.
    Oscar Wilde
  • Knowing too much does not teach you to have reason.
  • Reason, not violence, should lead people to truth.
    Denis Diderot
  • Reason is the greatest enemy of the heart.
    Giacomo Casanova
  • Reason is cruel, the heart is better.
    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
  • A person never comes to his senses out of reason.
    Charles de Secondat
  • Man is a rational animal who always loses patience when it is supposed to act according to reason.
    Oscar Wilde
  • If man had as much reason as understanding, many things would be easier.
    Linus Pauling
  • Man lives through passion; through reason he only exists.
    Nicolas Chamfort

Why it can be more sensible to be unreasonable

Let's put it as it is: life doesn't always go according to plan. There are many risks lurking along the way. But only those who discover new territory well-trodden paths leaves. Ideally voluntarily. But often also involuntarily.

And what about our dreams and visions?

  • I want to take a year off and do a sabbatical.
  • I want to start my own business and set up my own company.
  • I want to start a family and have children.
  • I would like to live abroad for a few years and travel a lot.
  • I want to take a break from my job and write a book.

When it comes to ideas like this, common sense is quick and easy to say: "No! That just doesn't fit. No money. No time. Maybe later." The risks that negatively affect the future are too great. Especially if it doesn't work.

Reason has such Impulses firmly under control. The rational person never acts out of affect. This ensures security and systematic consistency. But it also prevents that Belief in ourselves.

“I can do it - anyway! Especially now! "the truly sensible one would probably never say. Especially not at all in the face of great risks. Today people would not be able to fly, make phone calls or drive a car if it had not been for someone who thought that way.

Or an old but still true one Saying to use from the poetry album:

I will! - The word is mighty,
someone speaks seriously and quietly.
The stars are torn from the sky
the one word: I want!

It is good for us to be unreasonable now and then. We listen to ourselves. Follow our dreams, passions, our heart, fulfill us wishes. And what is perhaps even more important: We believe in ourselves on a larger scale than our minds (actually) allow. The broadens the horizon and enables personal growth.

The insight that we are not always on the Voice of reason having to hear frees us and opens up new worlds. We should use that.

Certainly, that does not mean that you should forget all common sense and turn off your mind permanently. The dose makes the poison. Unreasonableness in measure is reasonable. But you should also recognize the moments when it is wiser not to take risks and listen upside down.

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