How do I open a sketch file

How to import files into Sketcher
1. Click Sketch> File system. The Open dialog box is displayed.
2. Select the file you want from the list of available files and click Open. Information on file processing is displayed in the information window.
3. Click on Close. The information window closes and a plus sign (+) is added to the pointer. You need to choose a location to place the imported drawing.
4. Click to place the imported elements. The selected elements are placed in the selected position and the dialog box opens.
5. Adjust the placement, orientation, and size of the set of imported elements in one of the following ways:
◦ Click and drag the following handles as needed:
- Move the elements.
- The elements rotate.
- Change the size of the elements.
Middle-click to accept the changes. The cut is placed.
◦ Define values ​​if necessary and, if necessary, select References on the Move & Resize tab:
▪ Select a rotation reference in the sketch window.
▪ Enter a Rotation value in the box and press ENTER to preview.
▪ Enter a scaling value in the box and press ENTER to preview.
click on .
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