Can someone summarize what political context is

Summarize essential statements?

And would you let your teenage children take compulsory swimming lessons in such pools?

I am particularly interested in the hardcore advocates of limitless nudity - do you have a limit somewhere where you say: Nope - you should by no means be naked here.

Background to this question: There has been a dispute between nudists and non-nudists for ages. Some say: nudity is something completely normal and everyone should be allowed to be naked everywhere (there are of course different positions!); the others provide for certain places and situations where one can be naked - but in public - everywhere - one should therefore not be allowed to be naked.

This question is aimed at whether it would also be okay for absolute nudists to conduct compulsory lessons, where you practically go through certain changing rooms and showers and regulations (e.g. everyone has to shower naked - which one hears from many sauna fans over and over again) Forced nudity. There are also medical checks by schools, where the maturity of young people is checked - is this duty also legitimate?

And as a final question: Would you go to a swimming pool yourself where there are no retreats for showers and changing rooms?

I stay out of the discussion as long as nobody insults / insinuates or changes this question. Unfortunately, with almost 100 percent of my questions, I find that the questions are changed and interpreted differently by the individual user and then, because it is more convenient, you answer completely different questions that were not asked at all. Often a word is picked out of the question and then, for example, only nudity is talked about and the whole context of the question is completely forgotten. But that is not the point of such questions.

So please answer these questions:

Would you go to a swimming pool where there are no retreats and you have to be practically naked? Why or why not?

Would you consider compulsory lessons in such a swimming pool to be normal - e.g. because nudity is normal OR reject it? Why or why not?

If you're a hardcore nudist, are there places for you where you shouldn't be naked? Or situations, such as funerals, where even you reject nudity? Why or why not?

I also ask you to consider the following aspect: In this swimming pool you have to shower naked due to the house rules. If you're not showering naked, a teacher or proxy will come and tell you that you have to be naked - while showering. So don't use a generic excuse like: I can wrap a towel all the time (or the adolescent can throw a towel all the time) and cover himself up like that.

P.S. This scenario is not that unrealistic, because I've also been to a sauna where two employees made sure that you go in naked.