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Motivation. Why is that important? Motivations are our engine. They help us off the sofa and out into life !! Before that comes the weaker self, which we should often outsmart, at least at the beginning. How?? By motivating ourselves !!! Find our “why”. Why should I get up from the sofa?

I can give you the answer: "because you should make the best of yourself and your life". That's what life is about. Life is growth.

Everything is geared towards growing and developing. You too - and your life!

Look at nature. Trees and plants grow or die. They put all their strength into becoming resilient. To develop strong roots in order to be able to form a good crown upwards. It's no different with us. When you stop developing, part of you begins to wither. You become comfortable, sluggish, moody, demotivated, or indifferent. Maybe even sick. Maybe you even withdraw a bit from life. Lonely. You have forgotten how to get in touch with others. Or you prefer to be alone and watch TV.

Have you already been in such a situation or are you in it right now? Then you are definitely no longer in your energy. You are no longer motivated. You lack the drive. And with that, your comfort zone is getting narrower and more difficult to break through. This process often takes place slowly. At some point you realize that you feel alone and that you have missed the boat. And that friends don't even get in touch.

That may be an extreme example. But believe me, many people in the world feel that way by now. We have more and more opportunities to network, but we get more and more lonely. So:

Make something good out of you and your life!

Look at your life Draw a conclusion. Where do you stand? Are you growing Are you developing to be your biggest and best project of your life? Do you really like living your life? Do you get up in the morning and think - what a wonderful day? Do you hug your children, your partner, you ?! If not, find your "why" and find your motivation. Otherwise, why should you change your habits?

Ask yourself, “Why is contact with other people important? Why should I change my life? Why am I not well? "
You only respond to the questions when you are not completely satisfied with your life or with individual areas of life. If you don't get up in the morning and think - yeah, how nice, another new day!

If you are dissatisfied or ask yourself: "Is that all?", "Is there more for me in life?"

If you ask yourself these or similar questions about change, then my suggestions and coachings are definitely something for you. If you are satisfied and happy, you have probably already found your "why". Congratulations !!

If not (yet), that doesn't matter at all, take a look at the following suggestions and get on the way to (d) a happy, self-determined life.

First of all - make a decision. This is (d) a first but most important step. You are the sum of your decisions! Please make that clear to yourself.
You are the sum of your decisions!

That is an important sentence! YOU - ARE - THE - SUM - OF - YOUR - DECISIONS.

When I realized that I was responsible for my life, it made me very thoughtful. I was not always responsible for the challenges my life held in store for me. But I was responsible for how I felt about it. And how I dealt with it and still deal with it today. And I had to admit that in retrospect I used some past hurdles as an excuse to use the excuse that I just became the way I am now. It was the circumstances - childhood! And believe me, I've found good past reasons to blame them.

Surely the past made you who you are today. We are products of our experience and the resulting assumptions about ourselves. But we are so much more. First of all, we are beings with a free will. We can look at past challenges again and check where there is a positive core hidden for us. Have we not also become strong through certain events? Or have the resulting assumptions and habits established themselves in us that are more of a hindrance than a benefit for us?

Then it's time to change something. Check your inner picture of yourself. Check your self-image, your inner sentences about yourself and your life. And check your habits. Then decide if it is time for you to change things. Decide whether you want to grow or stand still. That may be the most important decision you have to make for yourself. And it has consequences. The consequences for development mean: act.

If you have decided to start the journey to yourself and your life, it means that you have to deal intensively with yourself. Take your time on this path. Take time for yourself! Really deal with yourself intensely. The best thing to do from today is always to have a little notebook with you in which to write down your observations. Watch you How do you react in which situation? What is the actual state of your life. Who are you?
Also observe yourself from the outside. Ask others how they see you. What are your habits? When do you unwind automatisms? How often do you break habits? Take the stairs instead of the elevator. In a meeting, you sit in a different seat than usual. Drink tea instead of coffee.
Once you have enough information about yourself, evaluate it until you are sure you know yourself very well. This process will take a long time. In the end you know exactly where you are. Take a look at the wheel of fortune and work on the questions below that are relevant to you.

Wheel of life

Look at your 7 areas of life using the wheel of fortune in life. Ask yourself how you are positioned in every area of ​​life. The questions below are for guidance. It is best to take enough time to do this and think carefully about how you are doing with it. It is also a good idea to deal with one area of ​​life for a week at a time. Watch yourself closely.

How do you react to a misunderstanding? Does the mistake lie with the other person, or do you always take everything on your own head? Is your partner allowed to be who he is, or do you criticize him a lot? Do you take enough space for your projects, wishes, hobbies? Where and when are you happy What happened when you experience moments of happiness? Are you more happy when you give something away or when you get something for free? Are you a giver or a taker? Does this apply to all areas of life? How much money do you spend on what? What thoughts are the main roles in my life?

Lots of important and very insightful questions. If you deal intensively with yourself and the areas of life, you will get to know yourself completely new. You will recognize connections to people and circumstances in your life and you will see your life from a new perspective. This is the beginning of your change. You will become much more aware of your life and how you live it! And recognize where you can readjust. Which areas you have neglected lately and where you are fine.

Have fun on your journey into your life!

Life's wheel of fortune

Physique (your body)

How is your body
How quickly do you recover after exercising?
How fit are you
How healthy are you
Are you getting enough vitamins and minerals?
Do you have time to cook fresh and healthy for yourself?
Are you mostly fresh, or are you more of processed foods?
Overall, how good is your diet?
Is your weight right
How high is your ability to regenerate?
How well do you take care of yourself?
Do you incorporate rest periods?
How is your breathing technique?
How well do you know your body?
How often do you pay attention to your body? Nice words? Recognition?

Mentality, emotionality and spirituality

How do you cope with stress?
With pressure and with pain?
Do you know what is causing your stress? (What mechanisms)
How quickly do you get out of stressful phases?
What access do you have to your emotions?
What do you know about karma
Do you know your mission in life?
Have you found your calling
Are you happy?
Your meaning in life?
Are you dealing with your / your death? Or does he scare you?


How well do you get along with (strangers) people?
How do you feel when people meet you with resistance?
How is your relationship with your parents?
How is your relationship with your friends?
Do you accept them as they are?
Do you have friends who support you or friends who drain your energy? (Show me your 5 closest friends and I'll tell you how you think and what life you lead)
Who are your 5 closest friends? What characters are they? What is it about? What do you have in common?
How is your relationship with your partner?
Can you also leave him / her as he / she is?
In arguing situations: how do you cope with expectations of others?
How do you cope with expectations of yourself in the same situation?
How are you getting along with yourself Are you satisfied with yourself Are you comfortable with yourself? Are you friends?
Do you have a relationship with you To your soul
Do you have a relationship with your self love?
How often do you thank others for something they do for you?
What kind of partner / husband / wife are you? Would you take yourself as a partner / husband / wife?
Are you a dream partner? Is it wonderful by your side?


How organized are you
How well are you coping with your daily planning?
With your life planning? Do you have goals for the future?
How good are you at organizing?
How well can you reorganize when things turn out differently than expected?
What is your morning / daily routine like? Do you have one
How is your thinking routine?
Can you get out of old thought patterns?
Time is nothing more than a feeling. How often do you feel stressed and how often do things go easy? (Organizational)
How much space / time do you give yourself?
Where have you come to in your lifetime? Rather at the beginning? In the middle? At the end? And what does that mean for you? How does your remaining lifetime affect your goal planning?

Profession and career

How well do you live your calling?
Are you at peace with your job?
Do you like to work (Where you currently work?)
If not what would you rather do?
Do you do your best every day
Are you an asset to the company?
Do you give at least as much as you expect in your company?
Do you have an inner mission?
How satisfied are you with your career?
Do you volunteer?
Would you like to be self-employed but don't dare?


How satisfied are you with your finances?
How much do you keep of the money you earn / have at your disposal?
Do you have a system for keeping and increasing your money?
Do you have an overview of your current financial situation?
Do you know how much your expenses are compared to your income?
You save?
Is money associated with pressure for you? With stress? With other negative feelings?
Do you always have too little money?
Do you always live in want?
Don't you want to talk about money?
Do you have a bad feeling about money?
Do you know your beliefs about how you deal with money?
Do you tell others how little money you have and how bad you are with it?
Is money love for you Something beautiful?


How well do you know the difference between your mind and your soul?
How much are you in tune with yourself?
How well are you in your midst?
Do you keep your distance from people who are not doing you good?
Are you looking for people to support you? People who are where you want to go?
How good is the relationship with you and your ancestors?
Is everything in peace between you and your ancestors?
How well do you know about karma?
Do you read books that will help you move forward on your spiritual path?
Do you see films about this?
Do you listen to podcasts that support you?
What do you give back to life / people?
Where do you get involved with others?
Are you grateful

It is best to look at the individual areas from top to bottom, so they also have the most weight. All are important individually, but they also build on each other from the basic physique to spirituality. Really take time for every area of ​​life. I can only recommend that to you. Start with the physis point, use the questions to help and try to assess how you are positioned in this area of ​​life. Think carefully about your life in this area and be honest with yourself.

Then give the area of ​​life a grade in the range of 1-10. You award a 1 if you are very poorly positioned in this area of ​​life, and you award 10 points if you are in a top position. If you are fit and healthy, your finances are great, your relationships are perfect or enough money for everything you want to do / live, then this area deserves a 10.
If you are below 5 points in many areas of life, you should urgently change something, at least if you want to live happily ever after. Don't worry, I can help you with that. First of all, it is important to get an overview. To determine an actual state. Only then can you find your "why". For your "what for". And that's what we need to overcome the bastard ...
In the download area you will find the wheel of life to download again. Then you can enter your current status directly in the fields and hang up your bike. So you can see the changes that will take place over time.

When working on your areas of life, it doesn't matter how old you are. If you are a young person, actively work on your future. You are your future! Start planning how you want to live, who you want to be, what relationship you want to have.
Of course, if you are an experienced person, you can set the same goals in your life and plan your future. Maybe you say I'm 45 years old now, I already have children and a job. And that's exactly why you have the opportunity today to take all of your life experience and think about where you want to go in the future. You may have over 50 years and more to go! What do you want to do with your life You have a very different wealth of experience than young people. Use it! Create yourself! Make yourself the best version of yourself!

Changes need courage, strength and continuity. And every change starts with the first step. Take the first step today and make up your mind! Make up your mind for a new, self-confident life that you can go into with ease and joy! Become your destiny. Live consciously and awake. Reconsider your actions. Pay attention to your words.

Here I have a little quote from the Talmud.
Quote on fate:
Pay attention to your thoughts because they become your words.
Pay attention to your words because they become your actions.
Pay attention to your actions because they become your habits.
Pay attention to your habits because they become your character.
Pay attention to your character because it becomes your destiny.

If you have come this far and worked through the MiniWorkshop, you are now a little closer to yourself.
How was your journey? Did you discover something new? Have you recognized neglected areas of life and areas of life in which you put (too much) energy?
Could I awaken a force in you that wants to go on, want to go forward and take responsibility for its own life ?! I would be very happy.
It is my vision that many people go together, support and support each other, challenge and encourage each other, value each other and carry compassion and responsibility into the world, and that with love.
Thank you for taking part.