How do web crawlers rate websites

What is a crawler: How the data spiders optimize the internet

Inexpensive and effective: Web crawlers take on time-consuming and costly analysis tasks and can scan, analyze and index web content faster, cheaper and more comprehensive than humans.

Easy to use, long range: Web crawlers can be implemented quickly and easily and guarantee comprehensive and continuous data collection and analysis.

Online reputation improvement: With crawlers you can optimize your own online marketing by expanding and focusing your own customer spectrum. In addition, crawlers can improve a company's online reputation by capturing communication patterns on social media.

Targeted advertising: Specific customer groups can be addressed through data mining and targeted advertising. Websites with a high crawl frequency are listed higher in search engines and receive more views.

Evaluation of company and customer data: Companies can use crawlers to evaluate and analyze customer and company data available online and use it for their own marketing and corporate strategy.

SEO optimization: By evaluating search terms and keywords, focus keywords can be defined, the competition narrowed and page views increased.

Other possible uses are:

  • continuous Monitoring systemsto find vulnerabilities
  • Archiving old websites
  • comparison from updated websites with old versions
  • Detect and remove dead links
  • examination the keyword search volume
  • Track down of typographical errors and other incorrect content