How is Postgre SQL different from MySQL

Difference Between MySQL and PostgreSQL

MySQL vs PostgreSQL

MySQL and PostgreSQL are both database management systems. A database system is required in every organization or company. MySQL is an open source database management system. MySQL is an RDBMS or relational database management system, while PostgreSQL is an ORDBMS or Object Relational Database Management System.


MySQL is an open source database management system. It is supported, developed and distributed by Oracle. A structured collection of information or data is called a database. A database management system like MySQL is required to be able to retrieve, process, or even add data to a database. Since computers are efficient with data, a database management system plays an important role in these activities.

It is a relational database management system, which means that the data is stored in different tables. This offers a lot of speed and flexibility for the database. MySQL is open source software, which means that anyone can use and change this software as needed. This software can be downloaded free of charge from the Internet. Users can change the code after graduation. The commercially licensed version can also be purchased if users want to embed this software in other applications.

This database server is very reliable, easy to use and fast. The functions of the MySQL server are developed in close cooperation with the users of the MySQL server. This software was developed primarily for processing large amounts of data or databases and has proven to be successful in these demanding environments. MySQL is a client-server database software. Different backends are supported by this multithread server.


PostgreSQL is an ORDBMS or Object Relational Database Management. It was developed at the Berkeley Computer Science Department at the University of California.

It is also an open source database management system and is derived from the original Berkeley code. A large part of the SQL standard is supported by PostgreSQL and offers many functions, such as: B. Transaction Integrity, Triggers, Foreign Keys, Multi-Version Concurrency, Complex Queries and Views.

The user can extend PostgreSQL by adding new index methods, procedural languages, functions, operators, data types and aggregate functions. Because it is open source, anyone can modify, distribute, or use it free of charge for scientific, commercial, or commercial purposes.

Difference Between MySQL and PostgreSQL

• PostgreSQL offers many features compared to MYSQL in that it provides stored procedures, views, cursors and subqueries that are not supported by the stable version of MySQL.

• There is a large community that supports MySQL as it is used more heavily compared to PostgreSQL. A greater number of resources such as books and the Internet are available to assist users with MySQL, while PostgreSQl is not.

• MySQL is considered to be faster than PostgreSQL because the earlier was designed that way, while PostgreSQL was designed as fully featured database software.

• MySQL uses the GNU GPL license, while PostgreSQL is published under the BSD license.