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Children's Pages Day: This is about nature and the environment

October 21, 2018 Join us, at home & on the go

Nature detectives

At the nature detectives at everything revolves around animals and plants, their habitats and the protection of nature. You will always find current topics on the homepage. Mostly it is about what is happening in nature. You can take part, because there is a "detective case" to solve every week. This is a current topic quiz question. You can also win something, for example books, DVDs and CDs! You can find a lot more information by clicking on "Lexicon" in the menu. You can also click on "Games" in the menu. There you will mainly find exciting quizzes.

Whales, rainforest and drinking water

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How about you take a look around and try out new pages on Children's Pages Day?

There are many other children's websites on nature and the environment. Usually it is about a special topic.

Whales, dolphins and their lives are the subject of WDC-Kids. In addition to a lot of information about the animals, the site also offers various experiment instructions and videos.

On the “Adventure Rainforest” website, everything revolves around the rainforest. And the question is why we need to protect it. The animal masks to print out or the memory game that you can find under "Games & Fun" are particularly cool. There are also various quizzes there.

At you can learn everything about our drinking water. You can click through colorful series of pictures, try out building and handicraft instructions or listen to short radio plays.

Environmental issues in children's search engines

Tips for participation at ÖkoLeo

And, in case you didn't know: ÖkoLeo also has lots of videos, quizzes, recipes and tips for discovery. You can find it at the top of the menu under "Participate".

If you are interested in a certain nature or environmental topic, you can also look at “Ask Finn” and “Blind Cow”. These are search engines especially for children.

On both sides you will find a large search field at the top where you can enter what interests you. It helps to keep a few search tips in mind. For example, to search for videos, type "video" next to your search word; for example "Dog Video". For games, you can type in "game" and so on. And it can be helpful to try both search engines. The same search term can produce very different results for "Ask Finn" and "Blinde Kuh"!

At "Blind Kuh" you will also find colorful, round buttons at the top of the page. You can use them to find certain types of information. For example videos or games. There you will also find the "random machine" (purple button). There you can click on the topic "Animals" (paw button). You can also find nature information under “Surf Tips” (green button). Click on the big button "Terms" and then, for example, on "Nature" or "Environment". This will take you to the pages that the Blinde Kuh team has specially selected.

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