What do people dream of in a coma?

Do people who are in a coma dream?

During my coma I lived through a lot, dreamed and had a lot of perceptions.

Often and a lot I looked for reports on this topic on the Internet, but didn't really find anything suitable.

Over several cups of coffee, I wrote down all of these experiences and dreams during my time in a coma (beginning of December 2007 - January 15, 2008), or am still in the process of completing everything.

Because it's strange - I can still call up all these dreams and perceptions today, like in a "video store". So realistic, but also wacky, that was and is really unsettling and scary.

Even today, when you tell someone about it, you always get goose bumps.

Otherwise, when you wake up in the morning after a night of dreams ... what you have dreamed of is usually already gone.

But these dreams, and there were very many, are still unchanged in the "memory".

Now, of course, I would be interested in whether someone has had any experience on this topic or can report on it.

I believe and I am convinced that it is definitely exciting to read how those involved, whether patients or relatives, experienced it.

Exact accounts of the many dreams would lead too far here, but if you are interested you can write to me here or by email.

I would be very happy about answers and similar things on this topic, because I have not yet found such a real platform.

Dreams and perceptions during the coma period Partly triggered by the high doses of the medication. Beginning of December 2007 to January 15, 2008 (not yet in chronological order)

Also, when writing down, there are often individual details, which are then also very complex, related to the various dream phases.

This is exactly how some things are in these dreams, very closely linked, or complement and then only explain themselves in later dreams.

Conversations with visitors who tried to make contact with a "motionless body" could also explain some of the incidents in these dreams

I would like to start with a little report on how this matter came about in the first place.

Because in this way, in my opinion, you can better understand the rest and gain a small but impressive look into this "coma" state.

Maybe I will also reach people who have experienced something similar in their life and can thus explain some experiences or dreams.

But also important for the relatives, who should know that conversations, even if only monologues, are so important. But I can only explain this for my situation, because unfortunately I cannot report how it is and was with other patients.

I start in October 2007 when, like everyone else, I had an appointment with my dentist, who was able to solve the dental problem with extensive treatment.

In case of emergency, she gave me 3 tablets in case pain should still arise.

As it had to come then, there was very strong pain in the evening and after just one tablet, which I then took, it was almost gone and everything seemed fine.

Until the next dental treatment followed at the beginning of December 2007. Again the same thing and in the evening there was also pain that was unbearable.

Also, like two months before, I took one of the tablets, washed it down with a glass of water and then left the room to close a door in the next room.

But this did not happen at first because I noticed how my air and my circulation were bothering me. I fell over and can't remember how it went from there.

The emergency doctor who was called was, according to stories, very quickly on site and in the ambulance, then all life-sustaining measures were initiated. After stabilizing to be ready for transport, I was admitted to the intensive care department of the Marienkrankenhaus in Ludwigshafen.

Completely tubed (tracheotomy) and wired, my partner at the time was able to visit me for the first time in the intensive care unit on the 2nd day after the incident.

After the time in a coma, she reported to me about the visits on her part where there were several attempts to wake me up, but they did not work.

From and through these intensive discussions, a number of dream situations could be resolved and explained. Because my visitors kept trying to communicate again.

As far as here from Cologne