What are the cons of freezing bread

Freeze bread properly and thaw again

On the one hand it is always good to have some bread at home for a spontaneous snack, on the other hand it is a shame if it is not eaten and gets dry. Freezing the bread is a good solution for this. We'll show you what to look out for and how bread can be thawed again.

Should you even freeze bread?

There is nothing wrong with freezing bread and defrosting it later. This way it stays fresh longer. Fresh bread can easily stay frozen for several months. However, you should know that even frozen bread loses moisture and therefore dries slowly. So at some point you should get it out of the freezer and thaw it.

Freeze bread properly

When freezing bread, you can pay attention to a few things that will improve the quality of the bread when it is thawed. For example, the faster you freeze bread, the better it is. Accordingly, it makes sense to quarter or even slice the bread before freezing it. In return, you should also be aware that the smaller the frozen pieces of bread, the faster they dry out. If bread is frozen in slices, it should be eaten first.

It also helps to wrap the bread before freezing it. But you don't necessarily have to put it in plastic for that. Cloth bags are very suitable. If the bread is only frozen for a few days, you can even leave it in the baker's paper bag. It is better to remove this before thawing, otherwise the wet paper will stick to the crust.

Freezing bread in slices is super handy when defrosting, but dries out faster.

Thaw bread properly

While bread should be frozen as quickly as possible, it takes time to defrost it. Ideally, let it thaw slowly overnight at room temperature. To do this, put it on the cut surface and cover it with a clean cloth.

In no case is it recommended to defrost bread in the oven. This only makes the bread unnecessarily dry and correspondingly hard. What you can do, however, is to briefly bake defrosted bread again in the oven. This way it will be really nice and fresh again. It is also not necessary to coat the bread with water or the like beforehand.

If you have frozen your bread in individual slices and are in a hurry, you can also put the bread slices in the toaster. If the bread slices are eaten directly afterwards, this is not a problem.

Conclusion: freeze and thaw bread

You can definitely buy bread in advance. Here in Upper Franconia in particular, there are some breads the size of car tires. Even if you only buy a piece of it, it is difficult to get it eaten quickly enough.

However, as we have just learned, freezing bread and defrosting it again does no harm. If you pay attention to the essentials, you will even have very fresh and delicious bread afterwards.

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