Which books should Java self-learners read?

The 7 best Java books

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In this book you get over 500 times, which get you in the mood for all important topics in Java. Not only the basics, but also many advanced topics such as Multithreading and lambda expressions addressed. What is very astonishing here is the very low price, which you cannot otherwise find for so much information.

It starts with giving you a little introduction to the basics. You don't need any prior knowledge here, but it still doesn't hurt, as the basics are not as detailed as in a beginner's book. Despite all of this, it is possible to come along here if you make the effort.

In the next step, of course, object-oriented programming is also dealt with, which is the cornerstone of Java. You have to master these well, which is why the author takes a lot of time for this.

The further you progress in the book, the more difficult it will be. In the next step you will learn how to communicate with Java over the network. Of course, this gives you a multitude of new opportunities when developing programs. You will also use Git to manage your projects. Since this is only discussed in a few books, this is clearly an advantage here, as it is more difficult to work with Git than you might think.

In summary, I am very satisfied with this book because it gives you a lot of knowledge and is quite inexpensive. This makes it all the easier to recommend the book to you.