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The non-profit organization "Trustworthy Internet Movement" examined over 139,000 websites in May 2017. It turned out that 57% of the websites are successful SSL used. Business seems to be going in the right direction. If you haven't looked into this before, now is the ideal time to switch to SSL. This blog article explains five reasons why you should start your website with a SSL certificate should equip.

  1. Secure data transmission with SSL

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. The protocol encrypts and decrypts data packets between the server and clients. The transmitted data could contain confidential information such as personal details, passwords and credit card numbers. The use of SSL ensures that the web traffic cannot be read.
The latest version of the SSL protocol is called TLS (Transport Layer Security). TLS is seen as the successor to SSL.

  1. More security thanks to SSL

HTTP means Hypertext Transfer Protocol, where the word "Secure" is added to HTTPS. Websites with active SSL certificates display https: // and have a padlock symbol in the address bar:

SSL encryption symbol

Websites that use the old HTTP instead of HTTPS make the work of hackers easier. For example, forms filled out by users can be intercepted or even manipulated with relatively little effort. Those who use TTPS encryption, on the other hand, override “man in the middle” attacks (MITM).

  1. SSL as a benchmark

For small and medium-sized companies that compete with larger companies, an SSL certificate is a must-have. It conveys to website users that security is taken seriously. Maybe even more so than bigger competitors.

  1. SSL certificates as an SEO measure

Google rewards websites with SSL certificates with a higher ranking in Google search queries. To be precise, Google considers websites without SSL to be dubious. Use HTTPS for a step up.

SSL has a positive effect on SEO

  1. SSL increases customer trust

There are still numerous fake websites that imitate the websites of large companies. The scammers behind such websites need phishing techniques, such as spam mails with fake links, in order to deliberately deceive staff. SSL certificates ensure the trustworthiness of websites and thus increase the trust of existing and potential customers.

SSL as part of the Internet Security strategy

Although SSL encrypts data transmission, the protocol does not protect against attackers who had access to the server before SSL was used. So make sure that the appropriate security software is running properly and is always updated.

It should also be noted that some hackers have fake SSL certificates. Website visitors can click the padlock icon to see who really owns the website and who issued the certificate:

SSL Certificate Tree Stones

Encryption during data transmission and encryption of data are two different things. SSL protects data transmission, but a strategy for encrypting offline data is also part of the security concept. It makes no sense to secure the data transmission if the information is then stored unencrypted.


SSL is a necessary component these days to prevent interference from third parties. SSL protects data transmission, improves SEO and strengthens customer trust.

As more and more companies move from http to HTTPS and SSL, it becomes more and more difficult for hackers.

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