Have you seen how black magic works?

Translation of "black magic" in Hebrew

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This is the book for protection against black magic.
I can't possibly be here black magic practice.
Black magic, Voodoo, God knows what else.
[Heckler] That is black magic!
We can't black magic to use.
It was an Egyptian cult. They operated black magic.
זו הייתה כת מצרית עתיקה, הם היו עמוק בקסם אפל.
And they didn't need any black magic.
Black magic draws its power from dark places.
קסם אפל מושך את כוחו ממקומות אפלים.
Black magic just has its price.
It's not about Black magic... or power.
But magic, especially Black magic leaves traces.
You saw what black magic able.
It is not black magicbut expression.
So I got mine here black magic and occult connections.
אז, אני כבר מחפש ל קסם שחור המקומי וקשרים סמויים.
Witchcraft, black magic, Voodoo ... zombie-smear, obsession or even vampirism.
ישנם מספר הסברים, כישוף, קסם אפל, וודו, אולי הוא זומבי, השתלט עליו שד, אולי הוא אפילו ערפד.
Is that something like Black magic?
This is black magic the old world. Warts and such.
The black magic is not so easy to shake off.
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