Why is sucrose not soluble in isopropyl alcohol

Why does sugar dissolve in water but not in alcohol?

2004 | Chemistry | Rhineland-Palatinate

  • Max Planck High School, Trier
  • 5th Chemistry Prize sponsored by the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie
No solution for the sugar

Why does sugar dissolve in water but not in alcohol?

Those who enjoy hard liquor would hardly come up with the idea of ​​sweetening their drink with sugar. It wouldn't work well either: Sugar is difficult to dissolve in alcohol. Peter Pinski has found out why. He added sucrose to various water-ethanol mixtures and measured its solubility. It was found that the sugar is only dissolved from the water, while the alcohol in the mixture has no influence. The young researcher's explanation: The molecules of ethanol are in stable chains which, if sucrose were dissolved, would be converted into a state that is energetically less favorable than before - the so-called entropy would decrease. To check this explanation, the 14-year-old wrote a computer program that simulates the behavior of sugar in water and ethanol and calculates the entropy numerically.

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