Why not have a permanent eyeliner applied

Gala self-test: what is permanent make-up really good for?

by Julia Nothacker
Gala editor Jolla wants to know how good permanent make-up really is and starts the self-test: Does it keep what it promises?

Have you ever thought about permanent make-up? Probably every woman who uses make-up regularly has this at least once in her life. But the idea is also tempting: Get up in the morning and everything is in place - the eyeliner, the eyebrows, the lips. If it weren't for the high costs of such a treatment, the prejudices and negative experiences that you have already heard and read about. Because who does not know them, the photos of older women with thick, red borders around their lips. Of course you don't want to look like that. This is precisely why it is time to do away with the previous, sometimes wrong, ideas about permanent make-up treatment. What is such an application really good for? Is it worth all that money? And do I hardly need any washable make-up afterwards? I, news editor Jolla, want to test it.

I've been thinking about permanent make-up for a long time. The reason is my pale face, which can only be brightened up with the right make-up. That wouldn't be so bad if the make-up would at least stay where I applied it in the morning. But subconsciously, I rub my face more often during the day or just sweat away the make-up. So the black color on the eyeliner or eyelashes quickly goes away and rubs off on my dark circles, which look even darker than they already are.

And even in the eyebrows, which I usually trace with an eyebrow pencil, gaps appear after a few hours. So I want to take the step and just have the make-up applied permanently - or at least for a few years. Because it is a misconception that permanent make-up is like a normal tattoo and stays on the skin forever.

What exactly is permanent make-up?

Many think that a permanent make-up treatment is a tattoo. That is only partially true. Permanent make-up is also known as a cosmetic tattoo, but in contrast to a normal tattoo, the thin needles only penetrate the epidermis and apply mineral or synthetic color pigments. This difference is then also noticeable in the durability. In contrast to tattoos, the color does not last "forever", but only two to five years. The actual duration depends on the exfoliation, i.e. skin renewal, and the lifestyle of each individual. The color of the eyebrows fades faster due to the increased production of sebum.

Two to three sessions are required to achieve a satisfactory result. Since the skin is damaged by the pigmentation, it heals in the weeks after the treatment, which can peel off part of the skin and with it the color. In the second and possibly third treatment, these inequalities are corrected.

What do I want to have pigmented?

I choose eyeliner and eyebrows. I had my eyebrows treated with microblading a few months ago, but the result has already faded a little. Therefore, make-up artist and linergist Wahid Rahimi from "Rahimi Beauty" advises me to also have my eyebrows corrected. I choose this beauty salon because of the convincing online presence and the very personable phone call with Wahid. On my first visit, I don't regret my decision - the salon and the staff seem very professional.

I don't really want to have my lips done. I also haunt the images of thick-rimmed lips in my head. But when I walk into the salon in Hamburg and Wahid greets me, my - already low - steadfastness melts away. Yes, I am quickly persuaded when someone comes up with good arguments. Wahid explains and uses photos to show me that pigmented lips look much better today than they used to be. You no longer outline the lips with a red line, but use shades so that the result looks much more natural. Because that is exactly what is particularly important to me: naturalness. Wahid picks out a slightly reddish shade that, according to him, makes my lips look "tastier" - like a strawberry or cherry. I'm curious ...

How does the treatment work?

Wahid Rahimi calls the treatment "constant make-up" in his salon, but it is identical to a permanent make-up treatment.

Before the treatment starts, I have few concerns about the pain ahead, but I am quickly taught better. It is said that permanent makeup treatment is not as painful as a regular tattoo. I believe it really is, after all, the stitches go deeper with a normal tattoo. Nevertheless, I feel a lot of pain and can't really imagine that it could get any worse.

During the first treatment, it is especially the eyelids on which I find the procedure very uncomfortable - also because Wahid has to pull the eyelid upwards. In addition, Wahid goes over and over again with the fine needles over the same areas, which irritates them continuously. In the second treatment, however, it is the lips on which I seem to be extremely sensitive that day. But it must also be said that the skin on the eyelids is particularly thin and that is probably why pricking with the needles is so painful.

Either way, the treatment itself is not pleasant and takes a long time. This is also because Wahid is a perfectionist and does his work accordingly. You don't leave the dental chair until your boss is completely satisfied. Of course, this also applies to the customer. Wahid keeps asking if I'm really satisfied and what he could possibly improve. His charming wife Humeira Rahimi, also a Lindergist, takes lovely care of me and is at my side and Wahid with good advice.

What happens after the treatment?

The pigmented areas should be left to rest after the treatment - that is, use as little make-up or normal creams as possible. You should also avoid the sun as much as possible and try not to sweat too much.

I have no pain after the treatment, but my lips feel like a sunburn. On the other hand, a petroleum jelly that Wahid gives me helps. And the eyelids are also slightly swollen and tense a little. These sensitivities are hardly worth mentioning, after a few days everything feels completely normal.

What does a permanent make-up treatment cost?

Of course, it depends on what you want to have pigmented on your face and which studio you go to. In my case the following costs would arise:

- Microblading eyebrows, fine hairs, 450 euros

- Upper / lower eyeliner complete 550 euros

- Lips contour with full shading 750 euros

That would be a total of 1,750 euros. The "Rahimi Beauty" studio also offers a total price of 1,690 euros.

How is the result?

In order to be able to evaluate the result correctly, one has to wait a few weeks. At the beginning, the treated areas could still be swollen. In addition, the colors are much stronger shortly after treatment and fade by at least 25 percent after a few days or weeks. Therefore, you shouldn't panic in the first week if the colors are too bright.

I am more than satisfied with the result. My face looks much fresher and more colorful, but not painted overly. If I have my eyelashes dyed black, I can get up in the morning and hardly need to do anything. Possibly a little concealer on the dark circles and I can leave the house without having to put on sunglasses. If someone asked me, I would definitely recommend a permanent make-up treatment. Of course, the price is a bit of a deterrent and you have to think twice about whether you are willing to pay it. Finally, there is also the possibility that you will be disappointed because the color will last less time than hoped due to the texture of your own skin. But if you have been thinking about permanent make-up for a long time and have the opportunity to implement it, in my opinion you should go for it.

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