Is Trump the Rothschilds puppet

How Trump Became the Puppet of the World Conspiracy (Parts 1 and 2)

The doom prophecies in the sign of the Q turn out to be just as inaccurate as Nostradamus ’cloudy forecasts. But why are the spinners removed now?

Many years ago, a couple of very rich and very bizarre people in Silicon Valley forged a plan: in the shadow of the stage show by Marionette Trump using digital means kill US democracy. Many representatives of the tech industry cling to solutionism, so they are convinced that only technology can free mankind from its economic, social, health and psychological worries, but above all from the yoke of democracy, which in Silicon Valley has long been an obsolete operating system applies.

Peter Thiel: Trump supporter thinks "freedom and democracy are incompatible"

A declared despiser of democracy is Peter Thiel, a digital veteran born in Frankfurt am Main. As one of the first Facebook investors, Thiel sits next to Mark Zuckerberg on the supervisory board of the global corporation. PayPal co-founder and billionaire Thiel supported Donald Trump's first election campaign with a donation of $ 1.25 million. The IPO of his mysterious data octopus Palantir, which was made big by the CIA and also works for the state governments of Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia, recently brought in 17 billion dollars. Thiel is an avowed libertarian, not to be confused with "liberal".

Libertarianism cultivates one Darwinist worldviewwhich rejects the principle of democracy because of its supposed political correctness as does the mainstream media. Socially oriented market economies are dominated by the “cathedral” from which minorities, women, and those who are discriminated against prevent the development of market forces with bans on thinking and speaking.

The "cathedral" is called "Deep State" by QAnon. "Freedom and democracy are not compatible" wrote Thiel in 2009. Only technology in harmony with quasi-monarchist turbo-capitalism makes it possible to shift borders, whether in cyberspace, in space or on earth.

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Peter Thiel - super brain of a world conspiracy?

It would mean overestimating Thiel's influence if one were to use it as a Super brain of a world conspiracy explained. Nevertheless, traits of the libertarian can be found in Moscow, Poland and Hungary, in Trump and Johnson, and in the core of every right-wing extremist group. With his mysterious BigData booth Palantir, Thiel works for states, administrations and the military. Thiel dreams of states on ships that function according to their own rules. Technology can do everything, God is not a DJ, but a piece of code. And the human being either leader or slave, but by no means the same.

Everything was prepared for Trump's second term in office: Palantir, CIA, Facebook and right-wing radicals would for the first time in human history dissolve a democracy from within and allow it to resurrect as a dictatorship.

Facebook's help in Trump's election victory

Trump's election victory 2016 was celebrated as a digital masterpiece. Facebooks proved to be highly effective Microtargeting Proven: Shaky voters are bombarded with tailor-made manipulative content: The unemployed should get more money, the entrepreneur lower taxes, without a plausibility check of the public. This dirty work was done by Cambridge Analytica (CA), which also fingered the Brexit referendum and many other elections. CA has long been settled.

The former CA employee Christopher Wylie revealed how closely the mysterious data octopus Palantir worked with CA. "There were Palantir employees who came in and worked with the data," whistleblower Wylie told the New York Times. Palantir had been inflated with CIA money into a billionaire company, subject: security. The megatopic is being wrested from the state monopoly and turned into a private business model. Founder of Palantir: Peter Thiel, who despises democracy, is also a member of the Facebook board and co-financier of Trump's election campaign.

Trump's preparations to abolish democracy

The plan: Donald Trump for President. Lust for show and a lack of pain sensitivity made him the perfect puppet. In his first term in office, Trump should be hubs of US democracy Suffrage, Supreme Court, trust der Bürger - demolish in order to organize a plebiscite in their second term: US citizens should transform their seemingly weak democracy into a Digtature transform.

Parallels to Brexit? In the Digtatur, decisions are made solely on the basis of Data met, but the opaque criteria determine the leaders. Citizens no longer have the same rights, but rather advantages and disadvantages acquired on the basis of data - the US version of the envied Chinese social score system. Trump's most important task: poison the climate, ruin all trust in the existing system.

QAnon stirs up hatred and Facebook comes to a head

As early as 2017, in Trump's first year in office, QAnon appeared, a mysterious sect that Trump was supposed to be the savior against the allegedly planned Subversion praised democratic elites. Who was QAnon? Had hackers allowed themselves a joke that had become independent and had an impact on the brains of German vegan chefs? Or were there completely different professionals at work?

QAnon stoked hate, Facebook came to a head, spread the poison: street battles, shouts, people unable to discourse. In this fearful situation, Trump would certainly be re-elected. At Trump's instigation, Palantir was to digitally monitor regions where the violence was apparently uncontrollable even in his second term in office. Fear is the basis of business for an everything-under-control data shack like Palantir, which had maneuvered parts of the state security apparatus into the private sector. In fact, quasi-Chinese, Thiel's octopus ensured calm.

Corona brings down overturn plans

More digital State terrorism against your own people? Digital revolution from within? No matter: The Digtatur seemed to have proven its superiority. The referendum sealed the death of an old democracy in 2023. QAnon's subversion turned out to be a cunning projection. But the plan failed. To Corona.

The virus returned, mutated. It could neither be controlled digitally nor sold as a Chinese attack. The control of the data sorcerers dwindled. To cover up the plot, Facebook pulled the ripcord before Trump's defeat and practically made QAnon disappear. Igniting one Civil war Trump's puppeteers seemed too sensitive. The plan was stopped. For the time being. Hopefully not to be continued.

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