Likes Yoongi Soyeon

Six eyes conversation

Chapter 18
Maria's point of view

Now I and Monika came to fetch the boys from jjajangmyeon, at the hospital entrance door we saw Yoongi's brother running out, of course we had to say hello, now we went into Yoongi's room too, we saw y / n on Yoongi's bed When they noticed us y / n jumped up from the bed and was frightened. We all laughed except Jungkook, he just looked at the two sternly. Everyone knew what was going on between the three, everyone really everyone wanted them to sort it out and so we decided, to do something about it, we all agreed to get the three of them to talk to each other, alone without help. We ate really well in yoongi's room and then it was time for us to leave again and when we turned around, a woman came too in "Excuse me, this is a private area and we ask you to leave" said namjoon, she turned slightly to us "I do not apologize to you as I am yoongi's private carer and I have to say that here" said them with some swag, we faced off with open mouths to her, "Oh and by the way, my name is Simona or Han Soyeon" she said and ran in yoongi's direction, "Duzen is more pleasant and no worries, I'll take care of yoongi" with this sentence she was finally at yoongi .We were amazed and bowed to say sorry, except y / n she just stood there saying "pff", I didn't want to look bad, so I pulled her down, when we got back upstairs we all went except y / n she was standing there and looked at the two of them and a second time I pulled them with me "Halt Stop!" Simona called "You can take it home with you" she said while staring at paper "Oh really?" we all even asked yoongi, Simona affirmed and we took him with us "See you soon Simona", yoongi said loudly and waved to her, she did the same, "What was that about?" Monika asked somewhat disappointed "Well y / n doesn't trust this Simona" said Jin, who was sitting in the van behind us reading a newspaper, y / n, Monika and I turned around "What did you say?" I asked "How do you know?" asked y / n horrified and looked at yoongi. "I know y / n very well," he said and giggled, "That's right," y / n replied questionably to himself, I felt two dog eyes approaching Jin.

Jimin's point of view

"When we're home yoongi, jungkook and y / n come to me!" I said a bit annoyed, I mean how can I not be annoyed so of course it's a bit strange because both like y / n, but getting involved is not possible, me and taehyung have a relationship that works well but they are real the sow loose and to be honest, each of us was surprised because we really thought she was taking jungkook- but others thought she was taking yoongi- well she neither takes nor, it's almost as if they both want to fidget, but it were just my thoughts that means nothing.

^ Arrived at home in the dorm ^

We stepped into our beloved house and immediately yoongi, jungkook and y / n followed me like little ducks and I in front as mom duck, haha ​​at the thought I had to laugh and now we had arrived in a chamber, I turned on the light, fetched Chairs and something to drink, before I closed the door and left the three there alone, I said with a little hope "You three are now talking about everything, the rules are: don't hit and don't let that happen, then I can go straight to Bang PB send, you listen to each other and everyone is allowed to express their opinion, that's all I and the others want, sounds simple, doesn't it? " After the sentence, I left the three of them with a bit of a bad feeling.

y / n's point of view

I was so upset, first because of this Simona or whatever and now because of the others why they had to lock the three of us together in one room, that doesn't end well, my feelings were really mixed today because I've never been with both of them in the same room and still so close to both, I looked down the whole time and my feelings flipped through the one was for yoongi and the other for jungkook both sides attracted me and both sides raved in my head, I knew really not what to do and it was so embarrassing.