Have you ever hit a bear?

Bears on the Stewart-Cassiar Highway

From Dr. Kerstin Lötzerich-Bernhard, www.kopfwortewelt.de
If you are traveling on the Yellowhead Highway # 16 between Smithers and Terrace, you should definitely not make a detour to the north at Kitwanga on the Stewart-Cassiar Highway # 37 and the Glacier Highway # 37A to Stewart, BC and the small neighboring town of Hyder on the Alaskan side miss. On the one hand, there is grandiose nature, seclusion, impressive glacier landscapes and, above all, the opportunity to watch black and grizzly bears catching salmon on Fish Creek.
But mostly encounters with bears are likely beforehand, namely directly on the side of the road or on the small rivers that you pass again and again. Especially in September, when Mr. and Mrs. Petz fill their bellies for the upcoming hibernation, it is not uncommon for you to suddenly come across black bears on the way north, for example feasting on ripe berries or grass. Now and then you can even spot grizzlies as they hunt for salmon in the narrow creeks. And don't forget, this part of British Columbia is also home to the kermode bear, a subspecies of black bear found only in a small region of the province of British Columbia. 10% of this bear species has a white or cream-colored fur, the remaining 90%, like all other black bears, are red-brown to black in color. Due to the rare white coat color, which can be traced back to a genetic mutation, the bears, which are therefore not albinos, are also known as ghost bears. The "Spirit Bears" have a firm place in the mythology of the Canadians, and the sighting of a ghost bear is considered a symbol of good luck.
More information here: http://www.hellobc.com/stewart.aspx

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