Why is armed robbery bad?

ยง 250
Heavy robbery

(1) A custodial sentence of not less than three years can be recognized if

1. the perpetrator or someone else involved in the robbery
a) carries a weapon or other dangerous tool,
b) otherwise has a tool or means with him to prevent or overcome the resistance of another person through violence or the threat of violence,
c) the act puts another person at risk of serious damage to health or
2. the perpetrator commits the robbery as a member of a gang that has joined forces for the continued commission of robbery or theft with the assistance of another gang member.

(2) A custodial sentence of not less than five years is to be recognized if the perpetrator or another participant in the robbery

1. used a weapon or other dangerous tool in the act,
2. in the cases of paragraph 1 no. 2 carries a weapon or
3. another person
a) severely physically abused in the act, or
b) by the act in danger of death.

(3) In less serious cases under paragraphs 1 and 2, the penalty is imprisonment from one year to ten years.

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