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Three Lines of Code - program and win

Hans-Christian Dirscherl

Microsoft is looking for the most creative self-programmed application for Windows 7. Take part and win a flight to Las Vegas with your program.

EnlargeThree Lines of Code - program and win

Do you code with passion? And do you prefer to use Visual Studio 2010 for this? Then take part in Microsoft's developer competition (“Three Lines of Code”).

The competition is about creating your dream application for Windows 7 with the help of Microsoft software. Specifically, you should create a desktop program for Windows 7 and meet the following requirements:

You must be using Visual Studio 2010 as your development environment. This shouldn't be difficult for you, after all, Visual Studio is the perfect IDE for developers. You also have to create your application either with a .net language and on the basis of the .net platform or with the tried and tested Visual C ++. So you are not forced to develop with .net but can also get started as a classic C ++ code hacker.

Windows 7 features must be used for your project. The code should also consist of as few lines as possible. Because the real art of programming does not consist of pages of spaghetti code but of clear, concise, clearly structured source code.

Very important: The sender must have created the software himself and have the rights to all components. Because the protection of intellectual property is important.

By the way: you don't have to be a professional programmer to take part in this competition. First and foremost, it comes down to creativity. Just visit this code sample page and get inspired.

Your mission

Which function are you looking in vain for in your system? Face the challenge and build your own crazy wish application. At least one of the many new Windows 7 functions should be used.

So take part

Do you want to participate? Then just follow this link. The deadline for submitting your Windows 7 application is February 28, 2011 .


Coding is twice as worthwhile. On the one hand you get an unmistakable application, on the other hand you get great prizes. The main prizes 1-3 for the greatest application are:

* A flight to Las Vegas including airport transfer by limousine
* Attended MIX 2011, the Microsoft conference for web developers
* Six nights at the Mandalay Bay Hotel
* 300 US dollars in gambling chips to gamble away
* Helicopter flight to the Grand Canyon including transfer

Attention: The trip must take place in April 2011.

Further prices :

4th Prize: Sony LCD Flat Screen TV KDL-40NX715, Sony Sound System with BluRay BDV-IZ1000W
5th prize: Xbox with Kinect, 1 controller, 3 games (Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports, Dance Central)
6th prize: A Windows Phone 7 smartphone (LG Optimus 7)
7th prize: Package with mouse, keyboard, headset

Our jury carefully examines all incoming Windows 7 applications and then presents the best work online.

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