How do car locks work against theft

Immobilizer against car theft - which one works best?

In Germany, almost 20,000 cars are stolen every year. Immobilisers of any kind should help you not to belong to the victims of the brazen car thieves. But what systems are there and what are they good for? We clarify.

According to Focus, most cars are currently being stolen in Berlin and Hamburg, closely followed by North Rhine-Westphalia and Saxony. In absolute numbers, according to GDV, VW, Audi and BMW in particular were stolen. If you look at the thefts of fully insured cars, Land Rover, Porsche and Audi are in the top 3 of the most popular theft cars.

Which immobilizer really helps?

We will give you an overview of all the systems that you can use for theft protection. The selection ranges from steering wheel claws for 25 euros to wheel locks to systems installed by professionals for gear shifting.

Carlok car barrier rod

The safety claw from Carlok is made of hardened steel and is TÜV tested. Thanks to the fluorescent handle, it glows in the dark and usually discourages the car thief from trying. This steering wheel claw is available for less than 30 euros * on Amazon.

LS-1000 from Schmidt Security Tools

The sturdy LS-1000 is frightening just because of its massive baton look. If the criminal should dare to get to your car despite this extra long steering wheel lock, he will have to do with a combination lock.

disklok steering wheel lock

If the thief really got it into his head to steal your car, he will try to destroy your steering wheel to get rid of your security claw. The best and most expensive model from our collection is therefore the disklok steering wheel lock for 155 euros *. This high security tool takes the entire steering wheel into consideration, preventing the lock from being removed by damaging the steering wheel.

FIXKIT wheel claw

It is easier to destroy the steering wheel than to break open this tire claw for around 35 euros *. The deterrent signal color is also likely to drive a car robber to flight. The steel parking claw has a security lock with 3 keys and fits tires from 215 mm to 620 mm in diameter.

Sailnovo Park Claw

The Sailnovo for around 20 euros * can be used for tires from 220 mm to 315 mm thick and can be assembled much faster than the three-arm model. This very affordable lock is more of a deterrent than of real security. Some users therefore help with a padlock where the original keyhole was built.

Nemesis tire claw

However, this immobilizer from Nemesis for around 140 euros * is much more robust. It can be mounted on steel or light alloy rims and works with a tire thickness of 145 mm to 245 mm. However, the disadvantage of this massive anti-theft device is that it is bulky. According to user reviews, this wheel claw is rather heavy and unwieldy.

A very effective method of securing your car against theft is the gear shift lock. With this technique, a steel bolt is pushed into the gearshift and prevents the thief from engaging reverse gear.

This also works with automatic transmissions - here the car is simply held in the P position. Gear shift locks are installed by professionals, which of course can cost a few hundred euros.

Nowadays, a car theft is also possible via the on-board computer. In this case, the thief deactivates the electronic immobilizer using a device for the car's OBD2 interface.

If you want to protect yourself against a car hack, get an OBD protector. This lock simply locks the OBD2 socket on the car, making it impossible for strangers to access the on-board computer.

As soon as you get into your car, you can easily exchange this OBD saver for your PACE Link.

OBD saver - universally compatible

This OBD lock from OK-Computers * offers several hundred key variations or codes to protect your OBD2 interface. The system is made of high-strength aluminum and "Made in Germany". This OBD lock is compatible with all car brands except those of Daimler AG.

OBD saver for Audi, VW, Seat and Skoda

This is an "extended" OBD lock for vehicles on which the OBD2 interface cannot otherwise be locked. These are the vehicle types Skoda Octavia II Facelift (Type 1Z Facelift), SEAT Alhambra II, SEAT Exeo, VW Phaeton, VW EOS, VW Golf V / Jetta V, VW Golf VI, VW Scirocco, VW Sharan 7N and VW T5 / T6 (only Multivan / California)

OBD lock for Mercedes-Benz

One always dances out of line. If you drive a Mercedes Benz, you need a special and quite expensive OBD saver to protect your OBD2 interface from unwanted access. The manufacturer would like to have a total of 209 euros * for this tool.

Car owners often come up with the idea of ​​using a GPS transmitter to secure their car against theft. However, it is not clear to many that this causes running costs and that a car thief will be the first to search the car for potential broadcasters after his theft and remove them.

No car is impossible to get and the thieves are getting more and more clever. We would therefore recommend a combination of different modules to protect a car from theft. At best, your vehicle also has an alarm system.


The only way to make your car really "unpopular".

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