How can I unsubscribe from Ola Postpaid

Convert contract card into prepaid vodafone

No. Any remaining prepaid credit will be lost when you transfer to a plan. Hello, I now have an O2 prepaid SIM. I would like it ported to Winsim postpaid contract from O2 Prepaid. Please let me know how i go? Our plans are billed a month in advance, which means if you cancel your service your final bill will typically be $ 0 and simply show a summary of your usage. However, additional charges may apply: • If you have received automatic additional data. • If you used a service that was not included as part of your plan. • If you were still on the contract or hadn't finished, to withdraw a device with a mobile payment plan. Hello Ben, I ben vodafone call-ya sim card. From time to time I use to top up for 15 euros. I can top up for 15 euros every 40 days. Now I want to use the same number but with Congster.

How do you do that? I don't have a contract with Vodafone (I just bought the SIM card online). Whenever I don't have enough money in my Sim, I use it for 15 euros. If your account is credited from an overpayment, we can refund the balance to you. If you paid your account by direct debit and the balance is $ 5 or more, we will automatically refund it to the bank account or credit / debit card you used. No. You will no longer be able to access My Vodafone on your postpaid plan once your service has been transferred. You cannot download your invoices via My Vodafone either. You can only access My Vodafone for your new prepaid service. To subscribe to other products and services, or for additional information, please visit a Vodafone store, visit, or call our local helpline 16 9 12, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. QR 20 FLEX credit valid for 7 days. Remaining cards FLEX balance valid for 30 days / Always dial * 130 ″ to check your Flex balance If you just want to transfer your number to another network operator after the end of your current contract, all you have to do is send them a letter, which says that you want to keep your phone number while using another service provider.

It's a little easier for prepaid users, all you have to do is send a request letter a few days before ordering your new plan. Your new service provider will then request the portability of the mobile number from your old network operator. 1. Cancel your current contract and request immediate portability You should end your current plan on time so you don't have to pay for two phone plans. As soon as you have terminated the contract, you can also bring your telephone number with you to other providers 120 days before the end of the contract. If your contract has already ended, you can move your number to another provider within 30 days of the cancellation date. If your service has been transferred and you want to pay your final bill online with a credit or debit card, you will need to use your bank account number as a payment reference. Hello, I am currently a Lycamobile user. But I want to switch to Vodafone.

When I asked about the portability for lycamobile they told me it will cost 15 euros. Can I make portability free? I am a prepaid user. Many Thanks. Please reply. Hello! I canceled my contract with o2. it ends in a few days. I would like to conclude a new contract with 1 & 1, but take my old number with me. How long does it actually take from signing the contract to activating the phone with the old number? It says the SIM card should arrive after 2-3 days, but it still hasn't understood when my old phone number is activated. All the best! Hagar Hi Ola, it is actually not uncommon for you to have to do the number porting yourself. However, the communication from 1und1 was simply bad and dishonest.

They should have given you the correct information about the procedure from the start. But very often these agents / salespeople just want to contract and tell you everything they want to hear ... Best of all, Ben top up your prepaid service online within 90 days of the number transfer.