What is your current goal in life

Set goals and achieve them - why doesn't it work? There are thousands of tips and strategies that should help you achieve your goals in life. But only a small part of us set goals in life at all. Then there are people who consciously set goals, but repeatedly fail to implement them. On the way to success it is - as almost always - we ourselves prevent us from achieving our goals. You can find out what you can do about it and how you can achieve goals more easily in this blog post.

Life goals are dealt with in very different ways. Some people already know in childhood what they would like to become or achieve later on. Others don't even bother with it or let other people dictate their goals in life. Some spend their lives pondering what they want to achieve without success. And yet others think about it very consciously and then decide in which direction they want to go in their life.

But why do we need goals at all? Goals give people an orientation. They provide clarity about what you want and where you want to go in life. Without goals, you drift like a ship without a helmsman. There is a risk that you will not arrive where you want to go or that you will collide with others. The latter is also the reason why goals in life should be clearly formulated and repeatedly checked. In many cases, our goals are very strongly influenced by others and they can change again and again.

With goals you can achieve a lot more in life. Because you can only achieve a lot if you have it in mind. Knowing where we are going is also less likely to give up if we run into trouble. But for what reasons do we not set goals or why do we not achieve our goals?

Three reasons why we don't achieve goals
Setting and achieving goals also means overcoming obstacles and looking for solutions. You might fall down several times. It is therefore important that you get up again and again in order to be able to lead the life that you really want. Because how do you say so beautifully? "It doesn't matter how often you fall, but how often you get up again!"

There are many reasons why people fail to achieve their goals, three main reasons are as follows:

Lack of self-reflection:

A large part of the people has simply never dealt with themselves or their goals. The reasons are also very different here. Because it takes a lot of time, it takes strength to overcome, and it takes discipline. But self-reflection is extremely important to get ahead in life.

Go on a search for yourself and your goals. Confront yourself with questions that bring to light what your beliefs and beliefs are and what controls you deep inside. Where are you standing in your own way? What guides and drives you? What is your greatest passion? What do you hate? What do you like about yourself, what do you dislike? Why not? What are your three greatest values ​​and what are your three greatest goals in life?

Lack of self-confidence:

I can't do that! ”Or“ Others are better than me! ”Are beliefs that often keep us from our path. They tell us what threatens us in our existence, what might cause us to be rejected, and what we consider personal failure. We learned these convictions from an early age, from the people who raised us and taught us how to live. Later we enriched and refined it with our own observations.

Fears of failure are understandable, of course, and yet you should question them. Because it's not just about achieving a specific goal. It is also about the process and development that you make while you are on the way to your goal. Goals help us to program the subconscious mind for new habits and new beliefs. You give us the direction.

Making it right for others:

Five inner drivers work in us: Be quick, be strong, be perfect, please everyone, make an effort! Depending on the individual character, it is usually one or two of the drivers that we perceive as particularly intense and that control us centrally. The background often lies in our childhood and, like our convictions, is shaped by our upbringing and influences from our environment. It is important to know that you have to do it in the first place so that it is right for you.

Ask yourself: Are these points blocking you too? If so, get to the bottom of them and try to influence yourself less.

Seven tips to help you achieve your goals
Before you even set a goal, you should first plan some time for yourself to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Every day you are bombarded by a lot of information and impressions. Few people find time for themselves to switch off and think about their own lives. This leads to stress, excessive demands and burn-out. It is generally recommended that you take some time for yourself every day.

1. Decide on ONE goal that is really important to you:

It is much more difficult to achieve multiple goals at the same time. It is easier to tackle one goal at a time. When you have decided on a goal in life, ask yourself exactly once again: Is this really my personal goal or have I just adopted the goal to please others? Did you only choose the destination because you are already halfway there? For example, a career that just turned out to be like that? Or are you really convinced of your goal?

2. Specify and develop your goal:

If you ask people: “What would you like to achieve in life?” Then mostly sentences like: “I want to be happy.” In all honesty, these are not real goals. They are not specific enough, they cannot be measured, and they have no deadline. Therefore, you should formulate your goals as precisely as possible. Once a goal has been formulated, it must always be adapted and further developed. It can also happen that you throw a target completely overboard.

3. Get active now:

Don't wait for things to fall into your lap. Successful people did something to make them successful. Don't postpone the start until tomorrow, get active today. To do this, create a concrete plan of how you want to proceed. Which intermediate steps are important? Try to start with small steps. The so-called mini-habits are an exciting method for this. You can find more on this topic here.

4. Make decisions:

When you set a life goal, you make a choice. You are making a decision that this goal will now become your life's work. It doesn't end with the goal, however, because you keep deciding what to do to achieve your goal. So-called “wrong” decisions are just as much a part of the process as “right” decisions. Because both bring you closer and closer to your goal. However, if you don't make a decision, you will never achieve your goal.

5. Take responsibility for your life and actions:

Never hold someone else responsible for your failure again. Thinking like this puts you in the powerful position of always holding the strings in your own hands and being able to change things for yourself. From now on you go your own way and not the way of others. External circumstances are becoming less and less important, you are motivated from within to achieve your goal and nothing can stop you.

6. Strengthen your enthusiasm and imagination:

Picture vividly how your life will change when you reach your goals. How will you feel Surround yourself with people who think positively and who also pursue goals or have already achieved them. Visualize your goals with real pictures, this will increase your motivation extremely and remind you of your goals again and again.

7. Have confidence and patience:

Confidence and patience will also help you achieve your goals. Because impatience is nothing more than a lack and the fear of not receiving something. Therefore, trust yourself that you will do the right thing. Give yourself time to do everything calmly and carefully. Pay attention to the important steps in the implementation, do everything step by step and at your own pace.

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