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E-Book: SAP User Experience (SAP UX)

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E-Book: SAP User Experience (SAP UX)

1. Increase productivity and quality

A user-focused user experience can make all the difference, especially for tasks that occur frequently. Instead of interfaces with many functionalities, some of which are unnecessary for the user, the main tasks are in the foreground with a good UX. Functions and information that are not relevant to the role of the user are not displayed to improve clarity. This not only increases productivity, the quality of the services is also promoted by this design.

2. Save training time and costs

With an intuitive design tailored to the role of the user, improved UX not only reduces the time per task. In addition, users can familiarize themselves with new processes more quickly.

Where previously the required functionalities had to be searched for in confusing GUIs, the process flow can be learned quickly thanks to the intuitive, user-adapted design. This reduces the necessary training times and the associated costs.

Thanks to the cross-program consistent design guidelines of SAP Fiori, this also applies to individual tasks. Since the layout is based on general best practices, users will find many interaction patterns from the apps of their everyday life.

3. Reduce change requests and usage errors

A good UX strategy is focused on the person who has to cope with a task. The resulting design not only reduces training time, it also saves costs during use. In addition, the rate of usage errors can be reduced, from which not only increased productivity but also direct cost savings can be derived. In addition, the number of change requests is also reduced, since the design focuses more on the essential tasks.

4. Increase user and customer satisfaction

The advantages mentioned above go hand in hand with direct cost savings. In addition to these monetary values, an improved UX design also gives rise to other advantages that cannot be directly measured.

The greater user-friendliness in combination with the uniform and intuitive design increases satisfaction for both users and customers. This is further advanced by reducing errors and increasing quality.

Due to the uniform external design, increased customer loyalty is also the result of investments in the user experience.

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As shown above, there are many reasons for improving the user experience with SAP Fiori. These are not limited to increasing user and customer satisfaction. Some advantages are also associated with directly measurable cost savings.

Would you like an example? On the page for the UX computer from SAP, the costs to be incurred and the resulting savings for introducing an improved user experience for some standard applications can be calculated as an example. You too can benefit from the numerous advantages of a new, people-oriented user experience.

Max-Ludwig Stadler

After completing my master's degree in computer science, I turned my enthusiasm for IT into a career and worked as a certified SAP consultant at mindsquare in the Mission Mobile department. My main focus is on UI5 and Neptune development, as well as machine learning.