Which countries import JF17 from Pakistan

Chinese FC-1 Fierce Dragon / Pakistani JF-17 Thunder

Trumpeter No.1657 injection molding - 1/72

Idol: The Chengdu FC-1 Fierce Dragon (Pakistani name PAIC JF-17 Thunder) had its maiden flight on August 25, 2003. The new aircraft is to replace the F-7 versions in both countries. In Pakistan there are also the A-5 and the Mirage 5 .. The FC-1 / JF-17 is mass-produced in China and Pakistan.

The JF-17 Thunder was shown abroad for the first time in 2010 in Franborough. The machine has been in service with the Pakistani Air Force since February of the same year. An annual production rate of 20 copies is expected in Pakistan. Azerbaijan, Sudan and Zimbabwe are expected to be the first foreign users.

The two manufacturers also equip their machines differently. This affects, among other things, the radar and the ejection seat. In Pakistan, the Martin-Baker PK16LE is installed in the series. Both manufacturers use the Russian Klimow RD-93 jet engine.

Kit: After the 48 version of the FC-1 / JF-17 appeared at TRUMPETER in 2010, there is now a 72 kit from the same manufacturer in 2011. The small, attractive telescopic box contains five gray injection-molded frames with a total of 111 components, a frame with nine transparent parts, a photo-etched part sheet, two decal sheets and the well-made assembly instructions with the multi-colored painting instructions.

TRUMPETER has transferred the existing data from the 48 kit to a small scale and simplified it accordingly. That doesn't detract from the faithfulness to the model and the details. The combination of the components means that there are sharp trailing edges on all rudders. Construction also begins here in the cockpit. The ejection seat consists of six injection molded parts and the photo-etched seat belts. This is built into a structured cockpit tub and this is completed with an instrument panel made of injection-molded and photo-etched parts. Everything is glued together with the nose gear bay in a separate nose section.

The upper part of the fuselage and the wing form a unit. This is meaningfully connected to the lower part of the fuselage. There is nothing to complain about here. Part of the photo-etched parts should be used to detail the thrust tube. That makes a little more work. The rudder unit consists of one piece. The same applies to the two pendulum elevator. TRUMPETER also supplies the equipment for the seven attachment points. The assembly instructions show what is attached where.

The decals are flawlessly printed without offset on light blue backing paper. TRUMPTER provides exemplary multicolored painting instructions and there you can see where everything has to be attached.


  • Pakistani Air Force JF-17 Gray 102;
  • JF-17 101 in special livery for the Pakistani Air Force;
  • FC-1 red 04 as a Chinese demonstration aircraft.

Conclusion: An interesting model was implemented very well by TRUMPETER and is therefore highly recommended for advanced modelers due to the photo-etched parts.

Trumpeter kits are imported into Germany by Faller and Glow2b. This comes from Glow2b.

Volker Helms, Godern (June 2011)