How do I join the Rotary Club


Rotary lives through its members. We see a world in which people begin to create sustainable change together - in all countries, in our neighborhood and in ourselves.

Rotary clubs meet every week around the world. On the basis of our club friendships, we use the power of our global network to help people. All over.

Rotary Membership?

We share humanitarian values ​​and the conviction that together we can do something against poverty, disease and conflict. And our current account speaks for it. Therefore we are always looking for committed and qualified members for our organization. More and more members of our youth organizations such as Rotaract and former Rotary scholars are joining us as Rotary club members.

But not everyone is suitable for membership. Clubs take great care to ensure that new members fit into the club community in terms of both professional and personal qualifications. And they decide by invitation who can become a member. That may sound like an elitist, but it isn't. We just want to make sure that interpersonal relationships “work” in the club. Because that also has an impact on our humanitarian commitment.

If you are interested in membership, it is best to have a preliminary talk with a club member. Many clubs provide a contact person for this purpose. If they both like them, the next steps towards joining the club can be initiated.


Benefits and obligations of membership?

Membership in Rotary gives you a world of contacts with leaders in a wide variety of professions. At club meetings, members experience:

  • the discussion of humanitarian needs in the community and creative solutions for them
  • Connections with other leaders around the world to solve global problems
  • Expansion of your own professional and personal leadership skills
  • Most important, of course, are the personal friendships that are formed in the club.

Additional advantages:

Rotary Global Rewards is a program that gives members discounts on various products and services.

The Rotary International Convention is Rotary's central global event. Rotarians from all over the world come together for this annual convention.

Rotary fellowships are special interest groups that are built around hobbies and interests, but also common humanitarian concerns. They are another way of growing your contacts and friendships within Rotary.

What is expected of members?

In addition to the benefits, there are also expectations of you with regard to membership obligations:

  • Payment of club dues
  • Attending meetings and events
  • Use your club engagement skills

Rotaract and Interact clubs

Interact Club membership is available for young people between the ages of 12 and 18; this is a service club for young people. Young professionals or students 18 and over can join a Rotaract club. At Rotaract and Interact, members learn early on what it means to belong to a service club: friendships, personal development and social commitment are also the focus here. Find more information about Rotaract and Interact clubs here.