What do successful people do in college

Eternal snoozing, rude waking or a bad dream - all of this can throw us off track in the morning and create a bad mood. Those who drag themselves to work tired or directly fall into stress have less good chances of a successful day. We'll tell you what things you can watch out for in the morning so that your projects succeed.

5 things successful people do in the morning

make bed

Even if every minute is precious in the morning, it is worth making the bed after getting up. What for, you ask yourself? Of course we go back to it in the evening. But: We release happiness hormones when we have done something - and enjoy the sight of a tidy room. And that for a minimum of effort of about a minute. Believe us, the positive energy boost of ticking something off right after getting up is worth it.

drinking water

Instead of shuffling straight to the coffee machine, you should first pour yourself a glass of water. This not only has health benefits and at the same time helps to shed one or two pounds, but is also important for our performance. Dehydration makes it harder for us to concentrate and, accordingly, to work less effectively. Especially after a few hours of sleep, our body can use a glass of water.

Morning exercise

Morning exercise - is it necessary? In fact, exercising in the morning can have a positive impact on our daily routine. Everyone has their own rhythm and one or the other looks forward to a workout, especially in the evening - after a long day sitting down. But at least for a few stretching exercises, everyone should take five minutes in the morning. This not only has a positive effect on the figure, but also gets the mind and body going and gets us in the mood for a productive day.

No rush

Not all of us are early risers - which is why it is not always easy to get out of bed on time in the morning. Setting the alarm clock to snooze three times actually has disadvantages: Since we keep switching between waking and sleeping phases within very short intervals, our brain is confused after a short time - with the result that we are even more tired.
It is better to take 5 minutes so as not to rush off stressedly. The strenght is to be found in serenity! Focus on yourself, take a deep breath and get into the mood for the day ahead.

Make something up

Live the day without a goal? That may be very relaxing on the weekend - but this is not the right way to go for a productive, successful day. In the morning, think about your goals for today. What do you want to achieve? What do you really want to do? Depending on your preference, you can make a to-do list (ticking off is always particularly good) or, for example, formulating a mantra such as “I don't want to postpone XY”.