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P0357 code definition

If code P0357 is saved, it means that the PCM has detected one or more ignition coils that are faulty to some degree.

What the P0357 code means

Most vehicles with an OBD-II system use a "coil-on-plug" (COP) process to provide the necessary spark for the engine. In this type of system, the coil is attached to the engine in a specific way so that a spark plug cap or spark plug wire can be used for ignition. The PCM controls these ignition coils electronically.

The P0357 code actually refers to the electrical circuit that connects the PCM to the ignition coil (s). Typically, a pulsating floor provided by the PCM and a supply of voltage from the battery is sent to the ignition.

Any voltage registered more than 10% higher than the manufacturer's standards will trigger the code. The PCM can even switch off the associated injection valve. This code is usually associated with ignition coil number seven.

What is causing the P0357 code?

There are a couple of things that could be responsible for this code:

  • Wildlife chewing through wires or otherwise disrupting their performance
  • Ignition coils defective
  • Open or short circuit in the ignition coil driver circuit
  • PCM failure (this is very rare)
  • Bad coil
  • A power control module that is faulty
  • Faulty connector locks
  • Bad connection on the coil
  • A COP driver circuit that is open
  • The ECM is faulty

What are the symptoms of the P0357 code?

When the P0357 code is triggered your Check Engine light should come on. You are also likely to experience a sudden blackout as this problem acts directly on an ignition coil. Your motor may hesitate when you turn it on or try to accelerate. Even when just idling, your car can vibrate and the engine can make noise.

How does a mechanic diagnose the P0357 code?

To diagnose the problem of a P0357 code, your mechanic will most likely use an oscilloscope along with a scanner and ohmmeter. This will allow them to measure the voltage that is causing the problem. You will also check the coil itself and possibly the others as well.

Additionally, you will most likely do a visual inspection of the other electrical components. If the engine failed, you'll need to investigate too to see if something else was causing the problem. You can do this by slowly increasing the revs while the vehicle is stationary and seeing if the misfire occurs.

Common mistakes when diagnosing the P0357 code

Simple maintenance is often provided to correct this problem. While it was most likely high time for this type of attention, a thorough diagnosis should always be performed first in order to find the real root of the malfunction. It's just assuming how a mechanic can spend a lot of time and money without fixing anything.

How serious is the p0357 code?

You'll have a hard time while this code is in place. While your life is not at risk, your car's health is likely.

What repairs can fix the P0357 code?

Your mechanic may need to do one of the following:

  • Replace damaged cables
  • Replace damaged ignition coils

Additional comments for consideration regarding the P0357 code

In some rare cases where the problem appears to be an intermittent condition, it can be very difficult to find the true source of the code. Sometimes the problem just needs to get worse before it can be properly diagnosed.

Need help with a P0357 code?

Vermin Club provides certified mobile mechanics to customers struggling with a P0357 code. We can send a certified mobile mechanic to your home to diagnose the problem and even perform any necessary repairs so you can get back on the road right away. Simply call us at 1-800-701-6230 to speak to a service advisor or simply fill out this form. Our knowledgeable technicians will respond with a quote and be given your preferred time and date for an appointment.

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