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Belden FO cable A / I-DQ (ZN) BH GURA204.002100

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Belden Fiber Optic Cable A / I-DQ (ZN) BH GURA204.002100 - Product Description

Manufacturer: Belden
Description: FO cable A / I-DQ (ZN) BH 4G50 / 125
Type: GURA204.002100
Number of fibers: 4
Number of fibers per core: 4
Fiber type: Multimode 50/125
With strain relief: Yes
Reinforcement: Yes
Coat Color: orange
Cable longitudinally watertight: Yes
Metal-free cable: Yes
Outer diameter approx .: 7.1 mm

Belden FO cable A / I-DQ (ZN) BH GURA204.002100: more details

With rodent protection. A / I-DQ (ZN) BH n G 50/125 2.5 B 600 / 0.5 F 1200 (OM2). A / I-DQ (ZN) BH n E 9/125 0.33 F 3.5 / 0.20 H 18 (OS1). With rodent protection. (FRNC / LS0H). This cable can be laid from the outside area without an additional transfer point (splicing) to the building distributor. It is metal-free and therefore insensitive to electrical interference fields (lightning strikes), no earthing is necessary. Contains glass-reinforced swelling fibers as strain relief elements and to ensure long-term water tightness. The rodent protection is implemented with additional glass-reinforced swelling fibers. The cable has a service life of over 30 years. Mounting option: suitable for crimp / adhesive connectors and fusion splices. Standards: ISO / IEC 11801, EN 50173, structure according to VDE 0888 and IEC 794. Application: Suitable for direct burial as long as the transverse pressure < 15000="" n/m="" ist="" und="" das="" kabel="" wahrend="" und="" nach="" der="" installation="" weniger="" als="" 0,3="" mm="" eingedruckt="" wird,="" installationskabel="" zwischen="" gelandeverteiler="" und="" gebaudeverteiler="" (primarverkabelung),="" installationskabel="" zwischen="" gebaudeverteiler="" und="" etagenverteiler="" (sekundarverkabelung),="" ethernet:="" ieee="" 802.3,="" 10basefl,="" 10="" mbps,="" fast="" ethernet:="" ieee="" 802.3u,="" 100base="" fx,="" 100="" mbps,="" gigabit="" ethernet:="" ieee="" 802.3z,="" 1000basesx="" und="" 1000baselx,="" 1000="" mbps,="" 10="" gigabit="" ethernet:="" ieee="" 802.3ae,="" 10gbasesr="" und="" 10gbaselr,="" 10.000="">

Additional Information: 4G50 / 125

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