Why is hatred harmful to us?

Hate speech on the net

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The main tasks of the State Agency for Media NRW include the protection of minors, user protection, the protection of human dignity and diversity in the media. But it is precisely these protected assets that are threatened by hate speech online. For this reason, the State Agency for Media in North Rhine-Westphalia is committed to providing information and finding effective ways to combat hate crime on the Internet.

What actually makes hate speech so dangerous for our society?

Hate speech is often used with the phrase "We'll still be able to say that." apologizes and those people who represent their position on the net with hatred and agitation refer to their right to freedom of expression. Of course, this right applies to everyone: for those who hate people as well as for those who are victims of it. However, hate speech becomes dangerous for our society when the agitation of one restricts the freedom of expression of the other. The poisoned discussion can lead to people being afraid of the hateful reactions of others to no longer dare to express their opinion, to avoid entire topic blocks or to close their comment columns because they do not feel up to the uncivilized debate. And this is exactly where the efforts of the State Agency for Media in North Rhine-Westphalia begin.