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The accusation made against her by the executive is not, however, virtual murder. Rather, the woman is accused of gaining unauthorized access to the account of the ex-online partner, a 33-year-old employee who lives around 1,000 kilometers away from her in the real world. She used his access data to log into the online game MarpleStory, which is extremely popular in Japan, under his name. She received this from himself when they were still having a happy online marriage, the woman now reported to the police. By being able to log in under his name, the Japanese woman also managed to delete the ex-girlfriend's avatar.

The reason for the act of revenge sounds exactly as you get to hear it in the real world. "I was suddenly divorced, there was not a single word of warning. That made me very angry," the accused was quoted as saying by the media. A formal charge is currently pending. Under Japanese law, convictions can result in up to five years in prison or a fine of around $ 5,000.

It has often been shown that virtual life can also have consequences in real life. Mostly it is about the theft of virtual money that can be exchanged for real money. The game itself is manipulated, for example by smuggling malware onto a player's computer. However, there are also problems that are also known from the real world. One example is brand piracy, which causes problems for some profit-oriented Second Life players. (pte)