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We have been offering voice-over-IP telephony in the business sector since 2004 and can look back on extensive and successful experience in operating NGN telephone networks. With our innovations we have been in the first league since the company was founded in 2004! With this wealth of experience, we continue to develop our Voice-over-IP products today.


Our entire development is based in Cologne and not, as is the case with many other companies in India or China. As a result, we use short and effective ways in the implementation and development of our voice and web systems. Thanks to many years of experience, we can guarantee perfect interaction between the employees of all teams.


Our infrastructure is housed in high-performance data centers of appropriate service providers. This allows us to concentrate on our core competencies: the stable operation of our NGN telephone network and the development of new features in network operations. Thanks to this concept, our technical infrastructure is always up to date.


All relevant systems are designed with at least double redundancy or are operated in high-availability cluster systems. So that our network remains stable, all resources are monitored around the clock, both automatically and manually by trained staff.

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We offer flexible, cloud-based and perfectly developed complete telephony solutions: From Voice-over-IP solutions for your company to professional telephony products to profitable solutions for you as a reseller.

We develop network operator (carrier) systems, WBCI interfaces and also put porting IDs of other network operators into operation in our NGN network. Of course, you can simply get a geographical number from us - not only from Germany, but also from over 50 countries around the world if you wish. True to the motto “If we do something, we'll do it right!” We have our communication solutions designed for your success. All of our telephony systems are also integrated into the Amazon Web Services cloud in Frankfurt. Because security, data protection and maximum availability are our top priorities.


Wita Based Carrier Interface - WBCI for everyone!

Our WBCI solution integrates seamlessly into your systems

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The all-round talent for network operators

TNB, PDA, SARV and more for your porting identifier. Save costs and time with our modular solution.

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Automated information procedure via specified interface

We offer you a solution without any technical or human effort.

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Data retention - just implement!

We offer you a solution without any technical or human effort.

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SIP & trunk

SIP trunks for all telephony enthusiasts

The professional product: Provide your own telephony solutions with your own technology and our network.

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Get started as a VoIP provider

Become a telephony provider: With our intuitive web interface and our technology. Also ideal for beginners.

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Numbers for your service

Offer your customers the best service: With international landline numbers. Can be ordered around the clock from 0 euros.

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The PBX from the cloud

A great solution with more than 100 features and can be combined with our products WHITEBox, SIP & Trunk and NUMEROPlus

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VoIP telephony in ISDN quality

Call anywhere, no matter where you are. With our affordable VoIP product, you are flexible and you can even save money.

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Value added services for your company

Whether advice, support or sales value-added service numbers in the range 0180, 0700 & 0800 support your company in communication.

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SOUND & Voice

Telephone announcements and queues

For the first impression there is no second chance.

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