Is Mortal Kombat X available on PC

Mortal Kombat X: Which Edition Is Right For You? The big content comparison

The big day has come: Today, Tuesday, April 14th, 2015, Mortal Kombat X is celebrating its official release on the PC as well as the consoles of the new and old generation. You definitely want to buy the game, but would like to know beforehand which editions the title is available in and what they have to offer? You can find out in our large edition overview.

One important point right from the start: A USK-tested German version of Mortal Kombat X is not available, but the title has not yet been indexed. The European (import) version, however, offers a complete German setting.

As publisher Warner Bros. also assured GameStar, the box versions run smoothly for all platforms in Germany, and the enclosed download codes can be redeemed in German online stores. Steam activation should also be feasible without any problems. A direct purchase of the PC version via Steam is not possible from Germany.

Standard Edition

If you want to get Mortal Kombat X without any bells and whistles, it is best to use the Standard Edition. The PC version in the form of a Steam key is available from many key shops - you can find a selection of providers in our Mortal Kombat X (PC) price comparison.

The Standard Edition for PS4, Xbox One, PS3 or Xbox 360 has, among others, currently in the AT PEGI version in its range. You can also find other shops that currently offer the console version in our Mortal Kombat price comparison.

Premium Edition

The Premium Edition of Mortal Kombat X is only available in digital form, i.e. by download. In addition to the main game, it also includes the Kombat Pack, which in turn gives you early access to four playable characters (Horror Icon Jason Voorhees, Predator, Tanya and Tremor).

The Premium Edition is available for the PC e.g. at MMOGA or Online-Gold (€ 49.99), for PS4 in the Playstation Store US ($ 89.99) and for Xbox 360 / Xbox One ($ 89.99) in the Xbox Store US.

Collector’s Edition PS4 & Xbox One only

In Europe, Mortal Kombat is also available in a Kollector’s Edition for PS4 and Xbox One. In addition to the game, it includes a hand-painted, 28 cm high Scorpion statue, an exclusive steel case, a metal card with serial number, the Mortal Kombat X Comic Book Volume 1 as well as the Kombat Pack and a gold skin for Scorpion.

The Kollector’s Edition is currently available from various marketplace providers on, starting at a price of € 199.99.

Collector’s Edition by Coarse PS4 & Xbox One only

In addition, a second Kollector’s Edition is also only available for PS4 and Xbox One, which is sold under the name "Kollector’s Edition by Coarse". In addition to the game, this offers an exclusive Scorpion statue designed by Coarse as well as the Scorpion Gold-Sin and the Kombat Pack.

This is also sold on by several marketplace providers. The cheapest offer for the PS4 version is currently € 219.98 and for the Xbox One version € 237.

limited edition PS4 & Xbox One only

Finally, let's get to the Limited Edition, which is exclusive to and also only available for PS4 and Xbox One - the price is $ 99.99. In addition to the main game, it also includes the Kombat Pack, the exclusive Kold War Scorpion skin and an exclusive Key Art.