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Google Assistant: Google introduces 5 new everyday functions

In a blog post, Google introduces five new features for the Google Assistant. How will voice AI make everyday life easier for you in the future?

The Google Assistant has once again been expanded to include a few useful features. Google recently announced this on its in-house blog “The Keyword”.

The focus is on new functions with which the smart assistant is intended to help users in everyday life. There are also a few Easter Eggs for the upcoming Oscar awards. As is so often the case, however, not all new features will find their way to Germany immediately.

Google Assistant can now find iPhones too

Anyone who owns one of Google's smart home devices like the new Nest Hub 2 (test) can get help from the Google Assistant to find their cell phone. The smart assistant initiates the search with the voice command “Hey Google, where is my smartphone”. If desired, he can then ring the smartphone at maximum volume.

So far, this feature only worked on Android devices. From now on, iPhone users can also benefit from the practical help. To activate the mobile phone search, you have to give the Google Home app one-time authorization for notifications. The alarm is also triggered if the smartphone is set to silent or a do not disturb mode is switched on.

New expiration triggers for Nest Hub, Nest Audio and Nest Mini

The Google Assistant makes it possible to create processes on the Nest smart home devices. Similar to Amazon's Alexa (Guide) with its routines, the assistant can execute various commands in an order specified by the user.

The Nest Hub Smart Displays can now start routine routines in time for sunrise. | Image: Google

These chains of command are activated with a predefined signal word such as “Hey Google, start my morning routine.” From now on, sunrise and sunset can also act as triggers for routines. To do this, open the settings in the Google Home app and tap on "Processes".

There you either choose an existing one or create a new one. Under “start process” you will find the button “add starter” and a selection option for sunrise and sunset.

The feature was already available in many countries, but should now be available worldwide. As a further innovation, Google presents the procedure suggestions. When creating a chain of command, you now have the opportunity to view popular processes and thus get new ideas.

Pay online using the Google Assistant

Since 2015, Android users in the USA have been able to pay with the mobile payment service Google Pay. Instead of the cash card, you simply use your smartphone or smartwatch. An NFC chip, which is installed in almost all current cell phones and many smart watches, transmits the necessary data to the card readers at the cash registers.

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Google Pay has been available in Germany since 2018, but this new feature will remain US-exclusive for the time being: In future, the data stored in Google Pay should be able to be used for online payments with the Google Assistant (Guide). Selected restaurants receive an “Order Online” button when they search in the Google app. When checking out, the voice AI then automatically fills out all the required payment details.

"OK Google, give me an award"

This year's Academy Awards will take place on April 26th. Since cinemas were largely closed last year due to the current world situation, this year for the first time films will be included in the award ceremony that were only offered via streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

Just in time for the event, Google is adding a few Oscar-related voice commands to its assistant's repertoire. So you can find out about the nominations in the respective categories or ask the voice AI about their personal favorites.

Google gives the following examples that you can try right now:

  • Hey Google, when are the Oscars? "
  • "Hey Google, who is nominated for an Oscar in the category of best animated film?"
  • "Hey Google, what are your Oscar predictions?"
  • "Hey Google, who do you think is the most elegantly dressed at the Oscars?"
  • "Hey Google, give me an award."

Cover picture & source: Google

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