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Triple Play - telephone, internet and TV on one line

TV, Internet and telephone from a single source - Triple-play tariffs offer all three services in one complete package. The home internet has to do a lot more than it used to be: Home office, homeschooling, streaming and gaming are increasingly being handled at the same time via one connection. In Germany, more than 98 percent of all data is transmitted on the stationary Internet, i.e. over fixed networks. The volume of data processed continues to grow; an increase of almost 29 percent to an average of 168 gigabytes per month per connection was expected for 2020 (VATM estimate).

Accordingly, ever larger tariffs are booked - the demand for high-speed tariffs is increasing. Consumers benefit from falling prices for more performance. Combine the modules Internet, telephone, TV in one connection and secure yourself attractive advantages as a clear cost structure and numerous HD channels. Why not combine DSL with TV or simply phone over cable?

Everything from a single source - clear combination packages for cable and DSL with Verivox

Increasing digitization enables one line to be used for various services. So it is not a problem to watch TV over a telephone line or to make a call over the TV cable network. The providers are constantly improving the infrastructure, so that the transmission rates are increasing. The existing DSL network, which offered bandwidths of up to 16 Mbit / s, is gradually being converted to the faster VDSL standard. Cable network operators rely on an ultra-fast fiber optic network.

Triple play requirements

Stream your favorite film at the same time while the rest of the family is playing an online game and making calls over the landline - with Triple Play this is easily possible. IPTV, telephone and Internet run over the telephone line: To ensure that nothing slows down or jerks, a sufficiently high bandwidth is a prerequisite for DSL and TV to use the services. Basically, a DSL connection with a transmission rate of 16 Mbit / s is sufficient. For DSL television and uninterrupted viewing pleasure, however, a higher speed is highly recommended. If you want to stream in HD quality, ideally choose a faster VDSL connection with at least 50 Mbit / s. When making a DSL-TV comparison, simply enter which speed you prefer.

Telephone, Internet and TV offers are not only available from traditional telephone providers, but also via cable. Cable network operators are increasingly expanding their networks and relying on high-performance, ultra-fast fiber optic networks. The advantages are the high bandwidths that can be achieved via cables. If a cable connection is available where you live, you can use complete television, internet and telephone packages directly via the cable network. In this case, there is no need for an additional telephone connection and a separate contract. Additional basic costs may apply for the cable connection. In many rental apartments, these costs are already included in the ancillary costs. A look at the statement shows you whether you have to expect additional payments.

What to look for when making a comparison?

Almost all major cable and DSL providers have the combination packages in their range. Play essential roles in a comparison:

  • maximum bandwidth
  • included flat rates
  • Transmitter packages
  • Minimum contract term

As a rule, the packages include an unlimited flat rate in the German landline network; Calls to cellular networks are chargeable. In addition, the providers put together different TV and channel packages: there are HD channels, special documentation or sports programs, as well as foreign TV channels. In addition, the providers convince with extensive media libraries and online video libraries with the latest blockbusters. A digital video recorder that you can use to record your own films and programs is often included. The video recorders differ in the possible storage volume.

Combination of the smartphone tariff in the contract

Triple play is an established term for the multimedia services of cable and DSL providers. Smartphones and cell phones have also been part of our everyday lives for several years. Hardly anyone leaves the house without their mobile phone. Anyone who would like to conclude a mobile phone contract in addition to the multimedia 3play services will find so-called quadruple play contracts that integrate a flat rate for the mobile phone. You may benefit from special hotspot flat rates for free surfing outside the home from the individual providers.

The advantages of triple play at a glance

Triple play is what makes digital television particularly attractive. Many viewers now prefer video-on-demand or streaming platforms to watch at their preferred times. Time-shifted television, with the option of pausing a film or a program or starting it later, is also a part of many households. Triple Play offers the best conditions for effective and simple use of the DSL or cable connection. In addition, many triple play providers lure customers with additional bonuses such as a router or a bonus for the first few months of the contract. Last but not least, you benefit from a particularly simple administration - you only have to keep an eye on one termination date and do not have to pay attention to different contract periods.

The disadvantages of the combination packages

It is particularly practical to have telephone, Internet and TV all over one line from a single provider. A disadvantage, however, is the dependence on your provider. If there is a failure, you are usually cut off from all three services and no longer have access. In addition, when combining an additional mobile phone tariff, you should check whether the bundling is really worthwhile. Especially with smartphone tariffs, there are always attractive offers from mobile providers, so that it can make sense to conclude a single contract.

frequently asked Questions

First of all, one inventory the existing connections. Is a Cable connection available? In this case, you are certainly well advised with a complete package consisting of an Internet and telephone flat rate from a cable provider. If there is no cable connection, the Availability of DSL can be checked by telephone. A possible alternative to DSL and cable internet is LTE.

To find out what offers are available where you live, just enter yours Area code in the DSL price comparison - you will receive a detailed overview that takes into account offers from both telephone and cable providers. When choosing the right offer, you should pay particular attention to the maximum surfing speed, possible promotions such as starting credit and the contract period.

Those interested in switching should first take a look at the Duration of the existing contract throw and determine the exact date on which the contract ends. The notice period (usually 3 months) is deducted from this date, plus a buffer of around 4 weeks so that the new provider has enough time to process the order.

The new provider can be selected using the DSL price comparison. All you have to do is enter the area code and the desired speed - you get an overview of all available offers. In addition to the price, the speed, contract duration and additional services should be taken into account.

In principle, every consumer can choose between DSL and cable Internet. It should be noted that DSL is available practically everywhere in Germany, while cable Internet is not available to every household. The prerequisite for this is a connection to the cable network and an upgraded house network. Ultimately, what is needed is a multimedia socket with a return channel that can be installed in a living room by a technician. If this is the case, the household can choose between DSL and cable providers.

Switching from DSL to cable internet has the advantage that a high bandwidth is available at lower prices. In addition, consumers who already have cable TV can book a complete package and save money here too.

In addition to the timely termination by the DSL provider, the most important thing when switching is availability. This can be quickly checked using the Verivox tariff comparison.

First you should decide whether you want to take the old DSL provider with you or switch to a cheaper one. A price comparison is advisable before every move and can avoid unnecessary costs.

Change provider
However, if you have decided to change provider, the notice period be kept in mind. Some DSL providers stipulate in a contractual clause that the contract must be taken with you if you move. In these cases, the move is not considered a reason for a special termination. If the provider is available at the new place of residence, this must also be retained. It is also worth taking a look at the provider's terms and conditions, because the contract could possibly be extended automatically from the date of the move.

Keep provider
If you want to keep the existing DSL provider, you should inform the provider about the move, because timely notification ensures a smooth move. One should note which form of reporting the provider accepts, whether by e-mail, by letter or by telephone. Regardless of whether you keep the old provider or whether you switch to a new provider, the availability at the new place of residence should be checked with regard to the transmission speed.

If you are successful with your internet service provider online or by phone switch via Verivox, you will often receive a credit in your bank account for your graduation. This instant bonus is only valid for specially marked internet contracts on the respective offer page. These are based on the current tariff offers.

How do I get my instant bonus? For the payment of your instant bonus, we ask you to upload your first calendar month invoice at https://www.verivox.de/service/dateneingabe/ no later than six months after signing the contract.

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DSL comparison

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