What do smart people like on Facebook

Psychogram: Posting behavior on Facebook

It's such a thing with Facebook. Most of what you read is immediately forgotten. Luckily. But some things get stuck - like this entry from some guy, let's call him Daniel, which was washed onto my timeline on January 1, 2013. That was the end of the peaceful New Year's afternoon. Daniel wrote:

2013 was a big year for me. I quit my great job doing television and moved back to Chicago. I got to know my angel Julia. Discovered yoga (thanks Jan and Mark!). Had an unforgettable discussion about Barack Obama with David. Danced. Played on a soccer team again. Won a couple of awards. Planning her summer with my sister. Sponge a lot. Played a little golf. Cried more than you think. Read great books. Saw great movies. Drank the best orange juice of my life. Tweeted. Went to great weddings. Drank an incredible amount of milk. Cooked with Julia. Gardened with Julia. Saw "Homeland" with Jaime. Quarreled with Julia. Laughed with Julia - for many hours. Learned to love Julia's family. Worked on a play. Played "World of Warcraft". Played the guitar quite a bit. And had a wild, incredible year.

What this Daniel wrote there was the concentrated horror. But still I read it over and over again. Accompanied by a question: Why is the Facebook behavior of some people so horrific, while others behave completely okay?

Maybe it is like this:

A Facebook entry is annoying if the author writes it primarily for himself and it does NOTHING to the one who reads it.