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Mona Monete

  • Weekly market: this is where people buy and sell

We humans have many needs. We are hungry and thirsty and need something to eat and drink. We want to sleep in a warm and dry place and for that we need a roof over our heads. All of these means of human satisfaction needs are made available to us as goods in markets. A market is a meeting point for people who offer certain goods for sale with people who want to buy exactly these products. It is therefore also said: The market is the place where supply and demand meet. This meeting point doesn't have to be real, as a marketplace or a building. “Market” is less the place than the whole process of buying and selling goods.

Is there a market for all goods? Nearly. “Free” goods that nature makes available to us in unlimited quantities, such as rain or air, are not traded on markets. As the name suggests, all people are free to use these goods and do not have to pay anything for them. In contrast to this, “economic” goods are not naturally available, but must first be provided by us humans. These goods then also have a market and one price.