Is Meteor scalable

Do you know meteor This is how programming works at the speed of light

Our CTO Enrico Foschi has worked intensively towards September 1st, 2015, so that everything runs smoothly when our new 4scotty platform goes live this morning.

His tension is justified, after all, he completely rebuilt our existing platform with Meteor. A relatively young JavaScript app platform that has only rarely been used for applications of this size. “I have to say that at first I wasn't sure about using Meteor for a large-scale app because I couldn't find any similar cases,” explains Enrico. Still, he was convinced of Meteor. But why?

Meteor - The Warp Drive of Software Development

Software architects consider Meteor to be the most innovative and promising platform for full stack frameworks at the moment. Especially when it comes to reactivity.

The career of the JavaScript-based full-stack web development platform began in 2011 in San Francisco with a small team of developers. The humble goal: to radically simplify software development. The development team pursued this goal undeterred and broke new ground: From the beginning they designed the platform consistently for the client and server-side use of the JavaScript code. And this was only the first component of the revolutionary overall concept. The platform is deliberately aimed at the next generation of data and event-driven real-time applications. To make it short: There are the seven principles of Meteor that illustrate very well what makes the platform so special:

  1. Data on the wire. Meteor does not send HTML over the network, but the server sends data and the client renders it.
  2. One Language. Meteor makes it possible to write both client and server applications with Javascript.
  3. Database Everywhere. The same methods can be used to address the database from the server or client.
  4. Latency Compensation. Meteor fetches data from the server prophylactically and thus simulates a latency-free data connection.
  5. Full stack reactivity. Real-time is the rule at Meteor. All layers from the database to the template are updated independently and automatically if necessary.
  6. Embrace the Ecosystem. Meteor is open source and can be combined with other open source applications and frameworks.
  7. Simplicity Equals Productivity. The best way to make something seem simple is to actually make it simple. Meteor's main functions have APIs that are simple and beautiful.

These are exactly the reasons why our CTO Enrico Foschi is so convinced of the Meteor platform: "Thanks to the programming on Meteor, we are now managing a platform with a development team that can make changes live at unbelievable speed."

He himself is now part of the open source with his work. He had to completely reprogram some applications that he now shares with the Meteor community. For us, Meteor is a significant step towards simplifying the development and operation of a modern, scalable web application.

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