Are left-handed stronger than right-handed

Inquiry: Are left-handers something special?

Are left-handed people special?

Arithmetic, reading and writing are the three skills with which every school year begins. For the first two, you'll mainly need your head. But for writing, use your hands. The majority of people use their right hand. Only 10 to 15 percent are left-handed, so they prefer to write and draw with their left hand.
Until the 1970s, children even had to get used to writing with their left hand. It was considered stupid and abnormal. That is nonsense, of course, and today we know: Whether you write with your left or right hand does not make you a different or a better person. That is why August 13th has been the international (worldwide) day of left-handers since 1973. Which hand you use today has most likely already shown in toddler age.

The gene for left-handers

Doctors and scientists have not found a gene or proof that left-handedness is inherited. However, a study by the University of Birmingham has shown that left and right-handed people use the two halves of the brain to different degrees. Here you have to think crosswise. Because right-handers use the left hemisphere more and left-handers the right. In the right is the creativity and an eye for the bigger picture. The left side is in turn responsible for logical thinking and promotes the eye for details. Because of this, left-handed people are considered very creative.

Properties of left-handed people

Have you ever noticed that your favorite hand is also your stronger hand? Try putting a ring that sits well on your left ring finger on your right. If you are left-handed, the ring will be too loose. This is because the entire left side of your body is stronger than your right. This also applies to right-handers, of course, just the other way around.

Problems for left-handers

Everything we need our hands for is basically intended for right-handers. Fortunately, stationery companies have long had an eye on left-handers. There are pens and scissors for everyone and nobody has to leave school with aching fingers.

Famous left-handers

Whether actors, musicians or scientists: there are some left-handers among celebrities. The X-Men stars Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Lawrence are among them. But the former US President Barack Obama and boxing legend Muhammad Ali have also prevailed with a strong left. The high level of creativity of left-handers can be seen in Lady Gaga, who has made a name for herself as an actress and fashion role model in addition to music.

You can support your child's natural development towards left- or right-handedness right from the start. Do not put the pen and toy into one hand on purpose; just hold them in front of the child. So it can determine and try which side seems to be the better right from the start. Also, do not force a learner to right or left handed. He or she has to find the better side for themselves.