How did Littlefinger get past Moat Cailin

"Game of Thrones" Season 5 Episode 3: Tyrion is kidnapped! (Spoiler)

The week starts for numerous German “Game of Thrones” fans with a new episode of the 5th season. Episode 3 "High Sparrow" is all about one topic: weddings. While the capital city is celebrating, Sansa faces wedding plans that she doesn't like. Meanwhile, Tyrion meets a character we haven't seen in a long time. A meeting with fatal consequences for Cersei's younger brother?

In the last episode of "Game of Thrones" Arya Stark has finally reached the goal of her long journey: In the "House of Black and White" she met Jaqen H’ghar again, who told her about her new job. She has to become a "nobody", a faceless one - just like him. But instead of hard training, Arya only expect cleaning work in episode 3. The youngest daughter of the late Ned Starks is anything but enthusiastic about this. All attempts to get Jaqen to finally let her in on all his secrets fail. Her older sister Sansa has far bigger problems in Westeros: After Littlefinger promised her to return to Winterfell, his true plan is now revealed. He wants Sansa to marry the sardonic and cruel Ramsay Bolton, who scared the audience with his torture methods on Theon Greyjoy.

What's going to happen to Sansa?

Speaking of Theon - where is he anyway? For the first time in the 5th season "Game of Thrones" there is a reunion with the former ward of the Starks. And as much as we have learned to hate Theon thanks to his betrayal, the more we feel sorry for the sight of his disfigured body. So fans can now worry about Sansa's safety. Because the wedding with Ramsay should be carried out so that the Boltons are accepted in the north and gain power. Ramsay promises his future wife when she arrives in Moat Cailin that he will not break her hair. It's hard to believe looking at Theon.

Arya has to part with her old life

Brienne watches Sansa and Littlefinger's journey from a distance without interfering. While Podrick shares his life story with her (and Brienne promises to teach him how to fight), Brienne reveals that in addition to saving the Stark children, she has one other thing to attend to: avenge the death of Renly Baratheon. And no one else should die for it than Stannis Baratheon, whose face she saw in the shadow that gave Renly the fatal blow. Back in Braavos, Arya receives her first lesson from Jaqen: she can only become "nobody" if she separates from everything that defines her as Arya. She separates from her clothes and the coin that Jaqen gave her. But she cannot say goodbye to everything. Or rather, she doesn't have the heart to throw her sword Needle into the water that Jon gave her. It is her last memory of a better life and when her family was still alive. She hides Needle from Jaqen.

Another wedding in King's Landing

In King’s Landing there is another reason to celebrate. A wedding! This news alone leads to “Game of Thrones” fans having damp hands. (Does anyone else have a red wedding trauma?) For once, there was no dead groom at this marriage. It did not take long for Margaery to influence her young husband and banish Cersei from the capital - with banishing. During a conversation between mother and son, he suggests that she should go back to Casterly Rock. The conflicts between Cersei and Margaery are far from over. They use every opportunity to verbally attack one another.

Tyrion is kidnapped!

From one Lannister to the next: where is Tyrion Lannister? In the meantime he and Varys have arrived in Volantis, where - no surprise - they end up in a brothel. But before Tyrion could turn to one of his favorite pursuits, a reunion took place with a character we would never have expected in this place: Jorah Mormont! Obviously to convince Daenerys of his loyalty, he kidnaps Tyrion and sets off with him to Meereen.