How are playoffs decided in the IPL

How are IPL players paid?

Every player has to sign a contract with BCCI.

The IPL has two types of contracts: First the player receives a fixed amount from BCCI, and the difference between the bid amount and the fixed fee is earned by BCCI.

On the other hand there are those second , so-called basic agreement, gives a player the freedom to take home the amount for which he was offered. The average amount of money each player takes home is a whopping Rs 80 lakhs.

IPL also makes it mandatory for a franchise company to spend at least $ 3.3 million annually on player fees and to grant $ 100 per day per player per day.

International players are immediately released to participate in their international games if they conflict with IPL, while for national boards that are heavily dependent on the players, IPL has to give way as players have to decide where to play and a player who gets Rs 80 lakhs for 45 days won't leave IPL anyway.

Therefore, it will be a loss for the national boards of directors, but a great opportunity for youngsters who have no chance of appearing in national and international leagues.

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Well, can you say which contracts are usually concluded - first or second? If it is the first, like Gambhir is sold for 10 crores, Bcci gets 10 crores and Bcci gives salary for Gambhir?