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The lingerie formula: HOW you will find the perfect underwear for your figure!

Most important point first: Every woman can look great in underwear! Because there is the perfect lingerie for EVERY figure. It doesn't matter whether you have few breasts or are equipped with lush curves.

So the problem is not the lack of lingerie, but rather finding the models in the abundance of bras, briefs and thongs that put your own figure in the limelight and, incidentally, hide one or the other problem area.

70% of women wear the wrong bra size!

A study by the underwear manufacturer Van de Velde shows that buying lingerie is not so easy for many women. The result: 70% of women wear bras the wrong size. Most of the time, the underwear is simply too small.

So that from today on you only wear lingerie that fits your figure perfectly, here is the great styling guide for bra & co!

Which bras look good on a small bust?

The advantage of a small breast: it does not necessarily have to be supported by an underwired bra, but can be wrapped in a delicate triangle bra made of lace. It doesn't push the bust, but it's super sexy and incredibly comfortable.

You can buy a so-called bralette bra here on Amazon.

If you want to cheat a little more wood in front of the huts, you should use a push-up bra. A padded balcony bra is even more seductive. It barely covers the chest, lifts it up and conjures up such a great shape.

A second advantage of the balcony bras: They usually have balcony braces and are therefore suitable for tops with a wide neckline.

There are even more styling tips for women with small breasts here!

Which bra is suitable for a large breast?

Large breasts need support in the form of a well-fitting bra that divides, shapes, and lifts the bust. Because this relieves the back. Triangle bras - as cozy as they may be - aren't that good for voluptuous curves. Better is a sturdy underwired bra with wide straps, as you can buy it here on Amazon.

When trying on the bra, you should make sure that the wires completely surround the side of the breast. The central bar should lie on the skin and the cups should be large enough so that there is no unsightly double breast.

Also make sure that the carrier length is optimally adjusted. The straps should be adjusted so that they fit tightly without cutting in.

Are you looking for sexy lingerie? Then you should use a half-cup or balcony bra with external straps. Such models let you look deep in the truest sense of the word and certainly heat up your loved one.

Full cup bras with center straps are a little more modest and more suitable for everyday use. Here come erotic lingerie and bras in large sizes.

There are even more styling tips for women with large breasts here!

What underwear suits chubby women?

Chubby women can put their feminine figure in the limelight with lingerie. The most important rule when shopping for lingerie: the underwear must fit perfectly!

A no-go is a bra that is too small. Because if the cup size is too small, it creates an unsightly double breast. You should also make sure that the slip fits well. If it cuts into the sides, opt for a size larger. Because perfectly fitting underwear makes the body look slimmer than tight lingerie that cuts in.

Higher-cut panties are great for curve stars, as they hide the base of the abdomen and, thanks to their high seat, emphasize the upper abdomen and thus the narrowest part of the body.

The string skirt is romantic and ideal for hiding wide hips. The skirt falls loosely over the hips and hides them so perfectly.

A tip for all women who struggle with their plump figure and do not feel comfortable in tight lingerie: wear a seductive body! It forms a great hourglass figure à la Marilyn Monroe, makes a crazy cleavage and conceals small problem areas by the way.

You can buy a lingerie body here on Amazon!

Plus-size model Ashley Graham proves how sexy underwear can be for curvy people. She has developed her own lingerie collection for strong women. We have put together the most beautiful models from their collection and other sexy lingerie for chubby women for you.

There are even more styling tips and great outfits for chubby women here!

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Which briefs make wide hips look slimmer?

Your figure corresponds to the A-type with a narrow waist and wide hips? You can flatter your figure with the right slip shape and the perfect bra.

When buying lingerie, you should avoid wide-cut panties. The reason: This cut emphasizes your hips even more. Slips, thongs or thongs with a higher leg cut are more flattering, because they lengthen the legs optically and make broad hips appear narrower.

Tip: If you do not want the waistband of the panties to cut into the skin and thus emphasize the problem area, you should choose models with a lace hem. In contrast to panties with elastic cuffs, they lie on the body like a second skin - without cutting into it.

You can order a string with a lace hem here on Amazon.

In order to proportion your body and give it a sexy hourglass shape, you should also emphasize your cleavage. Push-up bras and balcony bras are ideal for this.

There are even more styling tips for women with wide hips here!

Which underwear conceals a small belly?

The lower abdomen is one of the number 1 problem areas for women. If you want to hide it, you should use high-waisted briefs. This includes jazz pants and panties. Models made of a somewhat firmer, figure-shaping material are ideal.

Do you find it uncomfortable when the waistband of the panty cuts into your stomach? Then choose seamless models or panties with a lace border. And: stay away from hip briefs or hip thongs! This emphasizes the stomach even more.

You can order a lace panty here on Amazon.

In the meantime, there are even shapewear such as bodysuits or panties in the sexy version made of shiny fabrics and with lace trimmings. This underwear is perfect to wear under a seductive cocktail dress or a light summer dress.

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String, slip or panty - which slip do men like best?

First and foremost, underwear should please us. But of course men's taste also plays a role when it comes to lingerie. But which panties do men like best about us?

No big surprise: for many men, thongs are the favorites in the female underwear drawer. After all, they are particularly willing to show. But the panty, which covers more and only gives an idea of ​​the bottom, is very popular with men. The classic briefs are less popular.

By the way, black lace lingerie is particularly popular. Transparent lingerie and red underwear are also popular with him. In contrast to plain cotton knickers.

Tips for buying a bra: This video shows you how to find the perfect bra

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